2000 Presidential Electors - Wisconsin

Elected: Democratic Slate

Pledged to: Al Gore and Joe Lieberman

ElectorPopular Vote Presidential BallotVice Pres. Ballot
Ruth Miner-Kessel1,242,987Al GoreJoe Lieberman
Tim SullivanAl GoreJoe Lieberman
Alice ClausingAl GoreJoe Lieberman
Pedro ColonAl GoreJoe Lieberman
Reynolds HonoldAl GoreJoe Lieberman
Joan KaedingAl GoreJoe Lieberman
Charlie WoldenAl GoreJoe Lieberman
Mark McQuateAl GoreJoe Lieberman
Angela SutkiewiczAl GoreJoe Lieberman
Paulette CopelandAl GoreJoe Lieberman
Christine SinickiAl GoreJoe Lieberman

Defeated: Republican Slate

Pledged to: George W. Bush and Dick Cheney

ElectorPopular Vote
Jeff Toboyek1,237,279
Robert Wood
Laurie Forcier
Edward Schultz
Brad Courtney
Lt. Governor Scott McCallum
Mary Moser
William Ross
Scott Jensen
Governor Tommy G. Thompson
Richard W. Graber

Defeated: WI Greens Slate

Pledged to: Ralph Nader and Winona LaDuke

ElectorPopular Vote
Larry Harding94,070
Judy Gump
John Hardin
Turns to the East
Jim Carpenter
Amy Mondloch
John Brown
Jill Taylor Bussiere
Russ Evans
Susan Young
Jeff Peterson

Defeated: Reform Slate

Pledged to: Pat Buchanan and Ezola Foster

ElectorPopular Vote
Patricia J. Owens11,471
Patrick D. Delaney
Mathew T. Schumacher
Scott T. Trindl
Eric W. Pulley
Michael Patrick Czysh
William S. Zeitz
Leah N. Merriman
Sandra A. Mueller
Nancy L. Zeitz
Gerald M. Mueller

Defeated: Libertarian Slate

Pledged to: Harry Browne and Art Olivier

ElectorPopular Vote
William Frantz6,640
Rolf Lindgren
Carl Schoen
Nikola Rajnovic
MaryAnn Geisler
Fran Hinrichs
Paul Ehlers
Herman Tollenaar
Robert Schramm
Michelle Keshel
Dave Howard

Defeated: Constitution Slate

Pledged to: Howard Phillips and J. Curtis Frazier

ElectorPopular Vote
Gerard Haas2,042
David Paul
David Safford
Peter Economou
S. Kent Steffke
John Clark
Jack Elsinger
Randy Westcott
Robert Raymond
Timothy Farness
Edward J. Frami

Defeated: Reform Slate

Pledged to: John Hagelin and Nat Goldhaber

ElectorPopular Vote
Richard C. Pettibone853
Peggy A. Jones
Charles M. Dodge
Peter S. Schiltz
John Zettel
Christopher Ross
Michael J. Hittner
Janet E. Van Asten
Keith A. Jacks
Margo M. Hansen
Andrea T. LaFave

Defeated: Socialist Workers Slate

Pledged to: James Harris and Margaret Trowe

ElectorPopular Vote
Stephano Romero306
Randall Jasper
Bryce Grady
Dianne Groth
Sandra Pucci
Sarah Westerman
James P. Hicks
Jon D. Curtis
Wesley W. Weinhold
Kimberly Kafka
Brendan Weinhold

Defeated: Workers World Slate

Pledged to: Monica G. Moorehead and Gloria LaRiva

ElectorPopular Vote
Lisa Fanning1,063
Norman Stockwell
Daniel Poler
Steve Kreznar
Betsy Stergar
Jaquiline Richter
Andrew Bushard
Millard Plaster
Kate Ludwig
Gwen Wood
Analisa Drew

Wisconsin Results for 2000


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