1990 Senatorial Election - Seat Pickups
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1990 Senatorial Pick-up Map

Pick-up Detail

State Name Party Result
Alabama Howell Heflin DemocraticRe-elected
Alaska Ted Stevens RepublicanRe-elected
Arkansas David Pryor DemocraticRe-elected
Colorado Hank Brown RepublicanHeld Open Seat
Delaware Joseph R. Biden, Jr. DemocraticRe-elected
Georgia Sam Nunn DemocraticRe-elected
Hawaii Daniel Akaka DemocraticRe-elected
Idaho Larry Craig RepublicanHeld Open Seat
Illinois Paul Simon DemocraticRe-elected
Indiana Dan Coats RepublicanRe-elected
Iowa Tom Harkin DemocraticRe-elected
Kansas Nancy Landon Kassebaum RepublicanRe-elected
Kentucky Mitch McConnell RepublicanRe-elected
Louisiana J. Bennett Johnston DemocraticRe-elected
Maine William S. Cohen RepublicanRe-elected
Massachusetts John F. Kerry DemocraticRe-elected
Michigan Carl Levin DemocraticRe-elected
Minnesota Paul David Wellstone DemocraticPick-up vs. Incumbent
Mississippi Thad Cochran RepublicanRe-elected
Montana Max Baucus DemocraticRe-elected
Nebraska J. J. Exon DemocraticRe-elected
New Hampshire Robert C. Smith RepublicanHeld Open Seat
New Jersey Bill Bradley DemocraticRe-elected
New Mexico Pete V. Domenici RepublicanRe-elected
North Carolina Jesse A. Helms RepublicanRe-elected
Oklahoma David L. Boren DemocraticRe-elected
Oregon Mark O. Hatfield RepublicanRe-elected
Rhode Island Claiborne Pell DemocraticRe-elected
South Carolina Strom Thurmond RepublicanRe-elected
South Dakota Larry Pressler RepublicanRe-elected
Tennessee Albert Gore, Jr. DemocraticRe-elected
Texas Phil Gramm RepublicanRe-elected
Virginia John W. Warner RepublicanRe-elected
West Virginia Jay Rockefeller DemocraticRe-elected
Wyoming Alan Simpson RepublicanRe-elected

Pick-up Summary

Gain Loss Hold Net Gain
Inc. Open Total Inc. Open Total Inc. Open Total

National Results for 1990


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