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Donald TrumpFloridaRepublican 10,898 83.73%17 89.5%
Nikki HaleySouth CarolinaRepublican 1,371 10.53%2 10.5%
None of these Candidates-Republican 257 1.97%0 0.0%
Ron DeSantisFloridaRepublican 178 1.37%0 0.0%
Chris ChristieNew JerseyRepublican 154 1.18%0 0.0%
Write-ins-Republican 118 0.91%0 0.0%
Vivek RamaswamyOhioRepublican 40 0.31%0 0.0%
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  2024 Rhode Island County Map of Republican Primary Election Results for President  
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Election Information:
Contest Type: State-run Primary
Election Date:2024-04-02
Eligible Participants: Modified Open (members of the party or independents)
Delegates Awarded in this Contest: 19
Delegates Total: 19
Statewide Delegates: Proportional - a 10% threshold is required to receive delegates.
Congressional District Delegates: Proportional - a 10% threshold is required to receive delegates.
Election Data and Statistics:
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Data Sources:
  • Source for Popular Vote data: Rhode Island Board of Elections. 2024 Presidential Preference Primary Rep Presidential Candidate, Rhode Island Board of Elections ( (accessed 2024-04-24)
  • Source for Population data: U.S. Census Bureau.
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