UUorld GIS Application
New UUorld GIS Software Package

The Atlas has partnered with UUorld to provide data available for import into the UUorld GIS Application.

From the Publisher's Site:

icoWhat is UUorld? UUorld (pronounced "world") provides an immersive mapping environment, high-quality data, and critical analysis tools.

Great explanations are unfortunately scarce, but UUorld makes them easier to achieve through interactive four-dimensional maps. Our solution has three easy pieces:

  • Draw on extensive, organized data.
  • Explore and grasp complex patterns through intuitive visual analytics.
  • Deliver new insight with compelling images and video.

We think you'll find four-dimensional mapping delivers results because the medium exposes the spatial and temporal context inherent to nearly all data.

Steps to Get Started:
  1. Visit the home page to download the UUorld software. ** Bonus! UUorld is offering a $20 rebate to Atlas customers on the commercial version of the project.
  2. Download U.S. Census Shape Files for state and county boundaries (shp) & import into UUorld
  3. Use the new Atlas UUorld export script to import your purchased atlas data into UUorld
2004 Democratic Vote

2004 Repubican Vote


animated map
Animated % Democratic 1980-2004
Voter Turnout %VAP 2000
Vote Margin 2000
% Vote for Green 2000
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