2004 Presidential Electors - Iowa
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Elected: Republican Slate

Pledged to: George W. Bush and Dick Cheney

ElectorPopular Vote Presidential BallotVice Pres. Ballot
Marilyn Bose751,957George W. BushDick Cheney
Julie HoschGeorge W. BushDick Cheney
Velma HuebnerGeorge W. BushDick Cheney
Don KassGeorge W. BushDick Cheney
Don RacheterGeorge W. BushDick Cheney
Dorothy SchlitterGeorge W. BushDick Cheney
Wanda SearsGeorge W. BushDick Cheney

Defeated: Democratic Slate

Pledged to: John F. Kerry and John Edwards

ElectorPopular Vote
Phil Specht741,898
Kiran Patel
Dave Campbell
Jan Bauer
Joseph Mara
Tuyet Nguyen
Ernie Ricehill

Defeated: Nominated by Petition Slate

Pledged to: Ralph Nader and Peter Miguel Camejo

ElectorPopular Vote
Cody Blake Noble5,973
William Boos
Kerry Mallon
Peter Feltman
Helyn Christiansen
Rita Mason
David Bronstein

Defeated: Libertarian Slate

Pledged to: Michael Badnarik and Richard Campagna

ElectorPopular Vote
D. Mark Nelson2,992
Roger Leahy
Edward B. Wright
Eric Cooper
Robert Farnham
Kevin Litten
Christy Ann Welty

Defeated: Constitution Slate

Pledged to: Michael A. Peroutka and Chuck Baldwin

ElectorPopular Vote
Dave Welsh1,304
Stanley Livingston
Ruth Kabitzke
Greg Moeller
Robert Cochran
Steve Stroh
Rebecca Moeller

Defeated: Iowa Green Slate

Pledged to: David Cobb and Patricia LaMarche

ElectorPopular Vote
Theodore Pfeiff1,141
Peter Ryan Harty
Larry Orr
Erik Olsen
Keith Sutherland
Joannes Pool
Wendy Barth

Defeated: Socialist Workers Slate

Pledged to: James Harris and Margaret Trowe

ElectorPopular Vote
Mary Horslund373
Loren Schmidt
Kevin Dwire
Mack Shelley II
Harry Brink
Joanne Arlene Murphy
Cleve Andrew Pulley

Defeated: Nominated by Petition Slate

Pledged to: Bill Van Auken and Jim Lawrence

ElectorPopular Vote
Jennifer Pilla176
Randy Cross
Gwendolyn Burrows
Bill Malone
Sabrina Escamilla
Shonice Manning
Nita B. Anderson

Iowa Results for 2004

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