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How accurate are official results? Part I

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

The following anecdote is from an excellent little book (actually a collection of essays) of Irving Howe’s (“Socialism and America”) and concerns the 1932 Presidential election:
“Harry Fleischman, a socialist leader, tells a story, not at all unusual, about serving as poll watcher in a Bronx district. When the votes were counted, there were six for the Communist Party, and since no communist watcher was present, the Republican and Democratic local agents proposed that the six votes be split equally among the three parties. Good democrat that he was, Fleischman indignantly refused. Later it occured to him that if he hadn’t been there the socialist vote might also have been “redistributed”.

Official results for the Bronx in 1932:

  1. F. Roosevelt, D, 281,330
  2. H. Hoover, R, 76,587
  3. N.Thomas, Socialist, 31,247
  4. W.Foster, Communist, 8,829
  5. V. Reynolds, Socialist Labor, 1,926