Daily Archives: April 8, 2003

New Election Reference Set

My first book contribution is now out! I was contacted last February by M. E. Sharpe about supplying election data for their new publication, American Presidential Campaigns and Elections, a three volume reference set (Edited by: William G. Shade; Ballard C. Campbell; Craig R. Coenen, Documents Editor). I just received my copy last week. Its a nice reference; each chapter covers one election, including an overview of the issues and campaign, text of speeches, results maps, and the data!

The description of the content is as follows: “Presidential campaigns and elections provide the drama and substance of America’s democratic process. As democracy in action, they punctuate our nation’s history in precise intervals, capturing the issues, the ideas, and the mood of the nation every four years. Every campaign follows a similar format: candidates jockey for selection, nominations are made, candidates and party leaders hit the trail, and voters render their decision on election day. Yet despite this familiar process, every campaign is unique, featuring colorful personalities and unexpected events.

This fully illustrated reference is packed with facts and information on every campaign from the election of 1788-89 through the hotly contested election of 2000. Each entry traces in detail the background and results of the election, and the set features hundreds of rarely seen documents associated with the campaigns.”

The target customer for the reference set is libraries -> as its hefty price of $325 is beyond what most people are willing to pay for a copy at home. Purchase of the three-volume set is presently only possilbe through M. E. Sharpe directly. You can see an overview of the set and purchase directly from them at this link.