Monthly Archives: May 2003

2000 Registration and Turnout

Today, I updated (finally!) the 2000 Voter Registration and Turnout data and maps. Tennessee data is still not correct, though as the numbers are from December 1 and not prior to the November 7 election.
Registration data tends to be very suspect in my eyes. Differences between active and inactive (or suspense – depending on state), when and how voter rolls are purged, etc. tend to lead to significant inaccuracies. For example, Wyoming had 220,012 voters registered for 2000 and 218,351 votes cast (including the 4,625 (2.1%) votes cast as write-ins for Ralph Nader) – a whopping 99.3% voter turnout!

Update to Presidents

The main site pages have been updated again (although you should not see much difference) to improve efficiency of database maintenance. Please let me know if you find any problems, broken links, or get connection errors. I also made some minor updates to the new List of Presidents, adding party labels as suggested by some feedback.

New List of Presidents

I received some feedback in a couple of survey entries that visitors were looking for a simple list of the Presidents from Washington to Bush. I have therefore added a List of Presidents from 1789 through Present . A link to the list is located on the Election Information page in the History section.