Monthly Archives: August 2003

1999 Gubernatorial Elections

I have added the results of the 1999 Gubernatorial Elections. Only three states (KY, LA, and MS) hold their election for Governor in this off year. These offices are up for re-election in November. Results of the 2003 Gubernatorial races will be added to the site in the fall/winter.

California Recall

For those of you wondering whether I’ll add maps and results for the California recall, the answer is: How could I not? Such an election doesn’t happen every day (good thing too, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do anything else!) I started adding Gubernatorial election results starting in 2002. I plan to add pages for the special California recall election and will also cover the three Gubernatorial elections in November (both the 1999 and 2003 results).

Updated 2000 Data Spreadsheet

I have updated the 2000 Spreadsheet. The file is located on the store download page. If you have already purchased a copy, you may download and uncompress the update using the same password as was emailed to you after your purchase. The updates include:

• Alabama: Data for Barbour county changes significantly per updated data on Alabama Secretary of State web site
• Colorado: Bush in Phillips county changes from 1576 to 1573 per CO Official Abstract
• Mississippi: Data for Grenada county changes significantly per MS Official and Statistical Register
• Ohio: Data for Cuyahoga county changes marginally per Ohio Election Statistics
• Updates to the Data Sources sheet

Note that these changes are already reflected in the on-line data files.