1999 Gubernatorial Elections

I have added the results of the 1999 Gubernatorial Elections. Only three states (KY, LA, and MS) hold their election for Governor in this off year. These offices are up for re-election in November. Results of the 2003 Gubernatorial races will be added to the site in the fall/winter.

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  1. Kevin Lamoreau

    I second the motion about adding Gubernatorial election results for 2000 and 2001. Only three states have their Gubernatorial elections in “4k + 3” years like 1999 (4 * 499 + 3) and 2003 (4 * 500 + 3), while 11 states have them in “4k” years like 2000 and 2004, including New Hampshire and Vermont which have them every two years or all “2k” years. In both New Hampshire and Vermont, the Democratic incumbants won in 2000 by a much smaller margin then they did in 1998, and in 2002 Republicans won the governerships in both states so showing those results could show the gradual Republican trend in those states. Only two states (New Jersey and Virginia, have their gubernatorial elections in “2k + 1” years like 2001 and 2005, but I think it would be worth while to include the 2001 results. You could add 1997 (or even 1996) results if you wanted, but I think it would be good to have some beginning year and not to have any gaps after that, since that might be seen as discriminating against the states with the gaps. I wish you good luck in making your decision as to what sites to add.

  2. Kevin Lamoreau

    Here are some links to election results for Gubernatorial elections in 2000, or pages from which those results can be acessed:

    Delaware (New Castle County is divided between Wilmington and Rural New Castle, which I believe means all of New Castle outside of Wilmington): http://www.state.de.us/doe_ncc/2000G/2000G_6200.html
    Indiana: http://www.state.in.us/sos/elections/results/sos_ge2000v!act=district&district=Statewide&office=Governor.html
    Missouri: http://www.sos.mo.gov/enrweb/electionselect.asp?eid=93&arc=
    Montana: http://sos.state.mt.us/Assets/elections/2000GEN/2000-GenState.pdf
    New Hampshire: http://www.state.nh.us/sos/general2000/sumgov.html
    North Carolina: http://www.app.sboe.state.nc.us/y2000elect/enrs_contest_by_county/gov.htm
    North Dakota: http://www.state.nd.us/sec/Elections/2000generalresults/2000generalresultsgovernor.htm
    Utah: http://www.governor.utah.gov/LT_Gover/StateExecutiveResults2000.pdf
    Vermont: http://cgi.sec.state.vt.us/cgi-shl/nhayer.exe (go to the bottom for County results all together)
    Washington: http://www.vote.wa.gov/2000/vote2000/results/bycounty.tpl?race=3001&group=Statewide%20Offices&office=Governor&spage=state
    West Virginia: http://www.wvsos.com/elections/history/results/2000gencert.pdf

    And here are some links to 2001 Gubernatorial election results:

    New Jersey: http://www.state.nj.us/lps/elections/elec2001/results/2001g_g_state_sum_candidate_tally.pdf
    Virginia: http://www.sbe.state.va.us/web_docs/election/results/2001/nov2001/html/l_03.htm (some precincts show up as not being counted, but at least some of them (and perhaps all of them) is what is called conditional votes, and there may not have been any in many counties)

    I hope these links are helpful.


    Kevin Lamoreau

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