I cast my ballot this evening! Positions for Alderman and School Board were all that were on the ballot here. The city bought new optical ballot-reading machines (each paper ballot was about 8 1/2 x 15!) to replace the old lever machines that were used last year. It felt a bit like I was taking a high-school test… filling out little ovals (albeit with a pen instead of a #2 pencil). Overall, I believe the paper ballot read by optical-scanning machines to be an excellent system. Very accurate (especially relative to punch-cards), much faster to count than standard paper ballots, and a (sizable) paper receipt in the event of a need to recount or examine the election.

3 thoughts on “Voted!

  1. DavidNYC

    Does the system let you know, after you’ve submitted your card, if you’ve voted successfully? That is, if you haven’t filled out a circle properly, do you have any way of finding out?

  2. Dave Leip

    Dave – I don’t actually know. It took my ballot no problem. If there ever were a need for a recount though, they could sort these by undervotes and overvotes and tabulate them by hand easily.

  3. Dave

    The machines I’ve used before will reject the ballot if there are over-votes (voting for too many candidates) but not under-votes (blanks). I asked if they will give a “receipt” and was told that that jeopardizes the secrecy of your ballot.
    Results are tabulated quickly too.

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