Presidential Prediction Page

With the good help of many members of the Atlas Forum, the 2004 Presidential Prediction page is up and running. The idea here is to provide an interactive set of pages for users to post their electoral predictions, including maps and descriptive comments (necessary for the maps to hold up under the scrutiny of the fellow forum-members :). There are two map types for the 2004 election: the Prediction Map and the Confidence Map. The Prediction Map is intended for the user to call every state the way he/she sees it and tabulate the electoral votes, thereby choosing a winner (or a tie). The Confidence Map is intended to show the relative probability of the prediction on a state-by state basis (is a particular state strong-democratic? leaning democratic? or a tossup?) Here, states that are close can be gray, showing a low confidence in the assigned winner of the Prediction Map. Your prediction is intended to be dynamic (unless you are omniscient) and can be updated as more information is learned (such as the eventual Democratic nominee). I have provided template maps that may be downloaded from the page. So, please participate and enjoy. As always, please provide feedback. There are forum topics that cover both the discussion of the predictions and any technical issues with the pages.