Electoral College Calculator

I’ve created a simple Electoral College Calculator for all those interested in running Election 2004 scenarios. The calculator is a radio-button form where a visitor may choose whether the Electoral Votes of each state (and D.C.) will be assigned to the Democratic candidate, to the Republican candidate, or left unallocated as a tossup. A calculate button at the bottom tallies the results of the selections. It does not presently allow for split electoral votes. Note that the javascripting and dynamic HTML do not work on older browsers. If you experience problems with the function, I recommend upgrading to Netscape version 7.* (or other Gecko-based browsers such as Safari and Camino (MacOS X), Mozilla, Firebird, etc.) or Internet Explorer version 6 or greater.

One thought on “Electoral College Calculator

  1. Cowboy Kahlil

    I’m really confused about how to use this site. Am I supposed to recolor the confidence template to indicate my confidence level that a state will go a particular way, and recolor the predictive map to indicate my prediction of the outcome?

    And where do I explain my analysis of my choices?

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