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Check out the new homepage! In addition, I have enabled the new site membership feature. I have been working this last year on creating a very detailed, versatile, database-driven site to provide even more information with greater flexibility. See the members information page for details on exactly what new data and features are available. I am asking for financial help to cover the increasing cost of bandwidth usage (some of the new features significantly increase bandwidth requirements when viewing site pages). The financial help is in the form of membership dues in exchange for access to these features. Alternatively, if you don’t want to pay, there is also the option to become a contributing member – where access is granted in exchange for donating (in some form such as data or code) to the site. Note that I am not removing any of the currently-available features. These will remain freely accessible to everyone. Enjoy!

One thought on “Site Membership

  1. name

    “(and I don’t want to add advertisements or annoying pop-ups and the like). “

    Many blogs that have bandwidth problems add advertising and nobody seems to have a problem with it. I would also be willing to deal with pop-ups (even multiple pop-ups on each page). Some sites have pop-ups for non-members and allow non-members to access the site without pop-ups and advertising (an example is )

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