The Mock Election

Yesterday saw the debut of the new mock election. A signficant improvment over the one that I hosted in 2000, the mock election tracks results via data, maps, and statistics in all US States as well as Canadian Provinces, European and other countries. Either the free or paid levels of site membership is required in order to participate in the mock election.

2 thoughts on “The Mock Election

  1. angrylibertarian

    Wow, what a result. Beyond the obvious fact that Kerry is so far ahead, Badnarik the Libertarian is way out there in a not too bad second. I’m really glad this was such a relatively comprehensive poll. It’s difficult to include the other super-minor candidates, but this mock election has a pretty good list. And maybe some people will give the Libertarian and other candidates a closer look from it.

    The only issue I had at all was that it’s hard to use the party loyalty data because yellow basically means anybody except Nader-Bush-Kerry. Voting Green, Peroutka, Brown, Libertarian or whatever else is very different. I don’t know how to resolve it exactly since too many colors would confuse the darkness/degree map at the top. Maybe a fifth color like orange? Little too close to yellow and red, and pink is on the red scale already. Maybe just a statistical page, post the spreadsheet? I don’t want to be demanding. I don’t know, but otherwise it’s a great mock election.

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