Monthly Archives: July 2012

2012 Republican Primary Data Update

The 2012 Republican Primary county and state-level data have been updated to final/official results (Utah, the last state to hold its nominating contest just certified its results last week). Some congressional district data and a number of maps are still in-process.

Official Texas Republican Primary Tally Shorts Romney 100,000 Votes

I have discovered that the Texas Secretary of State official election results from the 2012 Republican Primary have shorted Romney by an even 100,000 votes. This occurs in Harris County where the tally shows Romney with 11,380 votes. The official results posted on the Harris County Clerk’s web page show an official total of 111,380. A small typo shifted the results by a whopping 100,000 votes. While in this case, the election was no longer contested and even this large number of votes did not change the result, it does show how simple errors can cause very large numbers of votes to be miscounted.  I have contacted the Texas Secretary of State about this discrepancy.