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The Geography of the GOP Primary Results: Iowa Caucus

The first map shows the results, by county, of the Iowa GOP caucus on Jan 2 (Huckabee: orange-brown, Romney: blue-green, Paul: purple) .

The second map shows the voting population in the 2004 Presidential election. Because Iowa is an inland state, most of the counties are fairly regular in shape in size, and thus one can easily see the voting age population density pattern across the state. Huckabee generally wins the less populated, central areas of the state, and Romney wins the population centers.

McCain came in fourth at 13%, but where did he do relatively well?

McCain did best in a few counties that are moderately populated and were won by Huckabee.

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One Response to “The Geography of the GOP Primary Results: Iowa Caucus”

  1. leip says:

    Nice –
    BTW, if you want the maps to be interactive (with mouse-over info), you can use this code (found on the Blog Interactive Map Widget Code link on the election results page):

    { } for the summary IA caucus map
    { } for the Population map
    { } for the McCain map

    just replace the curly brackets with straight ones i.e. { become [ and } become ]

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