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Indiana Republicans: What the heck?

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Last Tuesday, Hoosier’s went to the polls, at a very low rate. Of those Republicans who actually cared about the nation enough to vote, here were the results:

Dan Coats: 39.4%
Marlin Stutzman: 29.2%
John Hostetller: 22.6%
Don Bates: 4.5%
Richard Behney: 4.2%

Some Notes:
A) Marlin Stutzman performed far better than polling showed, and ended up easily defeating Hostetller for 2nd place. Marlin also won Marion County (Indianapolis), as well as the areas around it.
B) Fort Wayne sent Coats over the top, voting for him with huge margins. Stutzman showed he cared for all by stopping in every county, but making a couple more stops in Fort Wayne could have helped.
C) Hostetller was limited to his former district. He did extremely poorly outside of his district.

My rant:
What is with you, Republicans? Marlin Stutzman was the perfect representation of Indiana: A farmer, young, conservative values, pro-life and pro-gun. He was charismatic, decent looking, and had a family that campaigned with him along the way. Dan Coats, on the other hand, is very much older, at 66, worked for Washington for over a decade, mainly as a lobbyist, and has lived in Virginia for the past 8 years. He also hired Kentuckians to help him get the signatures. A Virginia man hired Kentucky residents to get him elected in Indiana. Psh!

If Republicans had actually been informed for once, we could have had a good, quality candidate who would have been hard to beat in November. Instead, we have a candidate with name recognition, but so much baggage he’ll be dragging on the floor. Shame on you, Indiana!