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The Libertarian Party is an American political Third Party. The party has largely uninterventionalist views, most notable its conservative postitions on economic and liberal positions on social issues. The party also has many stances that aren't usually together (such as being against gun control and pro-choice). The party has been very successful at the local levels, but has had trouble in the federal levels.



The Libertarian Party was founded in 1971 by David Nolan and the Committee to Form a Libertarian Party. The next year, the first ever Libertarian ticket recieved their first ever electoral vote, and that was the first electoral vote to be cast for a woman in history.

Election Results

The Libertarian Party has gained many local offices throught the country. They also have elected a few State Representatives (most notably Andre Marrou (L-Alaska), a future presidential candidate). The Libertarian party candidates John Hospers (President) and Theodora Nathan (Vice President) received one electoral vote in the 1972 Presidential Election from Richard Nixon Elector Roger MacBride, of Virginia. Theodora Nathan became the first woman to ever receive an Electoral College vote.

Presidential Election Candidates

Ticket Election Year Popular Vote Percentage of Vote Electoral Votes
Michael Badnarik/Richard Champagna 2004 397,265 0.32% 0
Harry Browne/Art Oliver 2000 384,516 0.36% 0
Harry Browne/Jo Jorgensen 1996 485,798 0.50% 0
Andre Marrou/Nancy Lord 1992 290,087 0.28% 0
Ron Paul/Andre Marrou 1988 431,750 0.47% 0
David Bergland/James Lewis 1984 228,111 0.25% 0
Edward Clark/David Koch 1980 921,128 1.06% 0
Roger McBride/David Bergland 1976 172,553 0.21% 0
John Hospers/Theodora Nathan 1972 3,674 0.00% 1


Official Site of the Libertarian Party

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