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The Socialist Party is an American third party that holds far leftist views on social, economic, and foreign affairs issues. Although the party has had little success as of late, its past success is noteworthy.



The Socialist Party found its beginning in union and social activist Eugene Debs in 1901. Quickly gaining ground, The Socialists would soon find themselves as the proud owner of many local and even some federal elected positions. The party would soon become the spring board for founder Debs onto the national political screen as he would run at the top of thier Presidential ticket from 1904-1912, and again in 1920.

Time of Prominance

From 1904-1912, the time of Debs' runs for President, the socialists would enjoy much success. One of the few third parties to be able to claim membership in the "congressional seat club", the socialist party became a party that was taken seriously during the first two decades of the 20th century. Its star power showed in the 1912 election, where Debs scored 901,551 votes, or 6% of the popular vote.

Radical Split

In the late 30's, Franklin Roosevelt would put the final nail in the waning party's coffin with the new deal policies, pulling many socialists away from the party to the Democratic Party. What was left was mostly the radical left wing of the party, which found refuge in the growing Communist Party USA.

Happy Days Are Gone Again

Since the major two way split of the 1930's, the Socialist Party has suffered through almost zero success. Any chance the 40's had of reviving them from their losses was quickly squashed in the fiftie's by The Red Scare's anti-far leftist sentiment. After Intra-party issues in the 70's the party split into multiple think tanks and the Socialist Party USA. Even up to present time the Socialist Party has been unable to succesfully regain its footing, polling just 10,822 votes, or 0.1% of the popular vote in 2004, and even less in 2000.

Presidential Candidates Results, 1980-2004

Ticket Election Year Popular Vote Percentage of Vote Electoral Votes
Walt Brown/Mary Alice Herbert 2004 10,822 0.01% 0
David McReynolds/Mary Cal Hollis 2000 5,602 0.01% 0
Mary Cal Hollis/Eric Chester 1996 4,766 0.00% 0
J. Quinn Brisben/William Edwards 1992 3,058 0.00% 0
Willa Kenoyer/Ron Ehrenreich 1988 3,882 0.00% 0
No Candidate 1984 N/A N/A N/A
David McReynolds/Diane Drufenbrock 1980 6,994 0.01% 0


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