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Michigan Polls (Aggregate = Tossup for 3-poll average)

Candidate Avg. #Wins Delegates Poll Graph Election Details
Santorum 37% 1 0pie
Election Date: 2012-02-28
Election Type: Primary
Eligable Voters: Closed
Delegates Total: 30
Delegates Awarded: 30
Apportion Method: WTAD/P15%
Romney 36% 2 0
Paul 11% 0 0
Gingrich 9% 0 0
Other 0% 0 0
-Undecided 7% 0 0

 Three-Poll Rolling Average
 Rolling Average Poll Graph

 Delegates Awarded Prior to this Contest: 109 (4.5%)

 Projected Delegate Allocation Prior to this Contest:
Prior Delegate Allocation Graph

DatePoll SourceLead G R P S C P B OthUnd MOE Sample#C
02-27Foster McCollum White & AssociatesR+28%38%9%36%0%0%0%0%9%3%1,359 L0
02-27Rosetta Stone CommunicationR+19%37%9%36%0%0%0%0%9%4%781 L0
02-27Public Policy PollingS+510%34%15%39%0%0%0%0%2%4%501 L0
02-26Rosetta Stone CommunicationS+29%35%8%37%0%0%0%0%11%3%858 L0
02-26We Ask AmericaR+413%37%18%33%0%0%0%0%0%3%984 L0
02-26Public Policy PollingR+29%39%13%37%0%0%0%0%2%5%421 L0
02-26RasmussenR+210%38%11%36%0%0%0%0%5%4%750 L0
02-26ARGS+18%35%15%36%0%0%0%0%6%4%600 L0
02-23Foster McCollum White & AssociatesR+89%39%9%31%0%0%0%0%12%2%2,264 L0
02-23Rosetta Stone CommunicationR+39%36%12%33%0%0%0%0%10%5%430 L0
02-23RasmussenR+69%40%10%34%0%0%0%0%7%4%750 L0
02-22ARGS+47%34%12%38%0%0%0%1%8%4%600 L0
02-21EPIC/MRAS+37%34%10%37%0%0%0%0%12%5%400 L0
02-20Rosetta Stone CommunicationR+29%32%7%30%0%0%0%0%22%5%420 L0
02-20RasmussenS+49%34%10%38%0%0%0%1%8%4%750 L0
02-20Marist CollegeR+28%37%13%35%0%0%0%3%4%4%715 L0
02-19We Ask AmericaTie10%29%12%29%0%0%0%0%20%3%1,025 L0
02-19Public Policy PollingS+410%33%15%37%0%0%0%0%6%4%602 L0
02-16ARGS+510%32%15%37%0%0%0%1%5%4%600 L0
02-14Rosetta Stone CommunicationS+95%25%11%34%0%0%0%0%25%5%455 L0
02-14Marketing Resource GroupS+1011%33%8%43%0%0%0%0%5%4%800 L0
02-13Glengariff GroupS+412%30%9%34%0%0%0%3%12%4%500 L0
02-13RasmussenS+311%32%13%35%0%0%0%1%8%4%750 L0
02-12Public Policy PollingS+1511%24%12%39%0%0%0%1%13%5%404 L0
02-12ARGS+621%27%12%33%0%0%0%1%6%4%600 L0
02-02Mitchell/Detroit NewsR+1516%31%14%15%0%0%0%0%24%4%638 L0
02-01RasmussenR+1523%38%14%17%0%0%0%0%8%4%750 L0
01-25EPIC/MRAR+526%31%14%10%0%0%0%0%19%6%271 L0
12-08Strategic NationalG+231%29%8%3%0%3%6%4%16%5%500 L0
11-19EPIC/MRAR+1420%34%8%2%13%5%3%2%13%4%600 L0
10-26New SourceR+1213%37%10%1%25%5%3%1%5%6%224 L0
09-19Marketing Resource GroupR+217%34%6%1%5%13%3%4%27%4%600 L0
08-16EPIC/MRAR+155%32%5%2%3%17%12%8%16%7%210 L0
08-08Public Policy PollingR+67%24%6%0%7%14%18%7%17%5%500 L0
06-17New SourceR+212%29%8%0%0%0%5%30%26%4%600 L0
03-20Public Policy PollingR+1016%26%7%0%0%0%0%41%10%5%360 L0
01-25New SourceR+1410%24%0%2%0%0%0%43%21%5%480 L0

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