1916 Presidential Election Data Sources
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Popular Vote Data Sources by State
Note: There is no federal government agency that is in charge of compiling official Presidential Election popular vote statistics. The individual states are responsible for this function. Below is a list of source from each state from which the 1916 Presidential Election popular vote data was collected.

State Data Source
Alabama State of Alabama Department of Archives and History, comp., "Alabama Election Statistics," Alabama Official and Statistical Register 1919 (Montgomery: The Brown Printing Co., 1916)
Arizona Arizona Secretary of State, General Election Returns, State of Arizona, November 7, 1916 (Phoenix, 1916)
California California Secretary of State, "Electors of President and Vice-President of the United States," Statement of Vote at General Election Held on November 7, 1916 in the State of California (Sacramento, 1916)
Connecticut State of Connecticut Secretary of State, Connecticut State Register and Manual 1932 (Hartford, 1916)
Idaho Idaho Secretary of State. Election Division, State of Idaho Presidential Vote Cast at the General Election November 7, 1916 (Boise, 1916)
Illinois Illinois Secretary of State, Ed., Blue Book of the State of Illinois 1917-1918 (Springfield, 1916)
Indiana Indiana Secretary of State, "Vote by Counties for Presidential Electors First Elector," Biennial Report of Homer L. Cook Secretary of State of the State of Indiana for the Fiscal Term Ending September 30, 1916 (Indianapolis, 1916)
Iowa Iowa Secretary of State, "General Election Comparative Vote Cast at General Election of 1916 and 1920 by Counties Official Canvass," Iowa Official Register 1921-1922 (Des Moines, 1916)
Kansas Kansas Secretary of State, "General Election, November 7, 1916. Official Statement of Votes Cast," Twentieth Biennial Report of the Secretary of State of the State of Kansas 1915-'16 (Topeka: Kansas State Printing Plant, 1916)
Maryland Maryland Secretary of State, comp., "For Electors of President and Vice-President of the United States," Maryland Manual 1916-1917 (Annapolis, 1916)
Massachusetts Massachusetts Secretary of State, "Presidential Electors at Large," Public Document #43 1916 (Boston, 1916)
Michigan Michigan Department of State, comp., "Presidential Vote in Michigan from 1836 to 1916," Michigan Official Directory and Legislative Manual for the years 1917 and 1918 (Lansing, 1916)
Minnesota Minnesota Secretary of State, "Abstract of Votes Polled ofr President By Counties, 1916," The Legislative Manual of the State of Minnesota 1917 (St. Paul, 1916)
Mississippi Mississippi Department of Archives and History, "Election Returns General Election. November 7, 1916, for President and United States Senator," The Official and Statistical Register of the State of Mississippi Centennial Edition 1917 (Madison: Democrat Printing Company, 1916)
Missouri Missouri Secretary of State, "Vote for President, 1916 - (By Counties)," Official Manual of the State of Missouri for the Years 1917-1918 (Jefferson City, 1916)
Montana Montana Secretary of State, Official Vote of the State of Montana at an Election Held November 7th, 1916 (Helena, 1916)
Nebraska Nebraska Secretary of State, comp., Official Report of the Nebraska State Canvassing Board General Election Held November 7th, 1916 (Lincoln, 1916)
Nevada Nevada Secretary of State, comp., State of Nevada Official Returns of the Election of November, 1916 (Carson City, 1916)
New Hampshire New Hampshire Department of State, State of New Hampshire Manual for the General Court 1917 No. 15 (Concord, 1916)
New Jersey New Jersey, "Vote for President - U.S. Senator - Governor, 1916," Manual of the Legislature of New Jersey 1917 (Trenton, 1916)
New Mexico New Mexico Secretary of State, "Election Results Compilation of Election, November 7, 1916," The New Mexico Blue Book State Official Register 1917 (Santa Fe, 1916)
New York New York, "Vote for Electors of President in 1916," The New York Red Book 1917 (Albany, 1916)
North Carolina
North Dakota North Dakota Secretary of State, Ed., "Party Votes, General Election, November 7, 1916," Compilation of Election Returns National and State 1914-1928 (Bismarck, 1916)
Ohio Ohio Secretary of State, comp., "Votes Cast by Counties for Electors of President and Vice President at the Election Held November 7, 1916 (First Elector)," Ohio Election Statistics General Election Held on the Seventh Day of November 1916 (Columbus, 1916)
Oregon Oregon Secretary of State, Abstract of Votes Cast in the several counties in the State of Oregon at a General Election held on the Seventh Day of November, A.D. 1916, for Presidential Electors ... (Salem, 1916)
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania, comp., "Official Vote of Pennsylvania for Presidential Electors, November 7, 1916," Smull's Legislative Handbook and Manual of the State of Pennsylvania 1917 (Harrisburg: Wm. Stanley Ray, 1916)
Rhode Island Rhode Island Secretary of State, "Presidential Election, November 7, 1916 Vote of Rhode Island by Cities and Towns," Rhode Island Manual 1917 (Providence, 1916)
South Carolina South Carolina Secretary of State, "Statement of the Whole Number of Votes Cast for Presidential and Vice Presidential Electors at the General Election Held November 7, A.D. 1916," Report of the Secretary of State to the General Assembly of South Carolina for the Fiscal Year Beginning January 1, 1916 and Ending December 31, 1916 Part II (Columbia, 1916)
South Dakota South Dakota Secretary of State, comp., "Presidential Electors," Official Election Returns for South Dakota General Election November 7, 1916 (Pierre, 1916)
Utah Utah Secretary of State, Abstract of the Returns of an Election Held in the State of Utah, Tuesday, November 7th, A.D. 1916 (Salt Lake City, 1916)
Vermont Vermont Secretary of State, "Summary Vote for Electors, 1916," (Rutland, 1916)
Washington Washington Secretary of State, comp., "Presidential Electors," Abstract of Votes Polled in the State of Washington at the General Election Held November 7, 1916 (Olympia, 1916)
West Virginia West Virginia Secretary of State, comp., "West Virginia Vote for President - 1916 -1912," West Virginia Legislative Hand Book and Manual and Official Register 1917 (Charleston: The Tribune Printing Co., 1916)
Wisconsin Wisconsin. Industrial Commission, comp., "Summary of Vote for President, November 7, 1916, by Counties," The Wisconsin Blue Book 1917 (Madison, 1916)
Wyoming Wyoming Secretary of State, General Election, November 7, 1916 (Cheyenne, 1916)

National Results for 1916


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