1940 Presidential Election Statistics
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Below are tables of statistics showing various data relating to the 1940 Presidential Election Results. These include state and county-level statistics for total votes, percentage of vote, vote swing, margin of victory, etc.

States with the Smallest Margin of Victory
StateEVTotal Vote R W %Margin Margin Roosevelt Willkie Other
1 MI192,085,92921 0.33% 6,926 49.52% 49.85% 0.62%
2 IN141,782,74721 1.42% 25,403 49.03% 50.45% 0.52%
3 WI121,405,52212 1.82% 25,615 50.15% 48.32% 1.53%
4 ME5320,84021 2.33% 7,473 48.77% 51.10% 0.13%
5 IL294,217,93512 2.43% 102,694 50.97% 48.54% 0.49%
6 CO6549,00421 2.55% 14,022 48.37% 50.92% 0.71%
7 NY476,313,89712 3.55% 224,440 51.50% 47.95% 0.55%
8 NJ161,972,55212 3.62% 71,333 51.55% 47.93% 0.52%
9 MN111,251,18812 3.83% 47,922 51.49% 47.66% 0.86%
10 IA111,215,43021 4.41% 53,570 47.62% 52.03% 0.35%

States with the Largest Margin of Victory
StateEVTotal Vote R W %Margin Margin Roosevelt Willkie Other
1 MS9175,82412 91.51% 160,903 95.70% 4.19% 0.11%
2 SC899,83212 91.26% 91,110 95.63% 4.37% 0.00%
3 LA10372,30512 71.80% 267,305 85.88% 14.09% 0.03%
4 AL11294,21912 70.88% 208,542 85.22% 14.34% 0.44%
5 GA12312,55112 70.02% 218,834 84.85% 14.83% 0.32%
6 TX231,124,53112 62.01% 697,282 80.92% 18.91% 0.17%
7 AR9200,74312 58.03% 116,501 79.02% 20.98% 0.00%
8 NC13822,64812 48.06% 395,382 74.03% 25.97% 0.00%
9 FL7485,49212 48.03% 233,176 74.01% 25.99% 0.00%
10 VA11346,60712 36.52% 126,598 68.08% 31.55% 0.37%

States with Highest Percent of Vote
Mississippi95.70%South Dakota57.41%Wisconsin1.07%
South Carolina95.63%Nebraska57.19%Maryland0.62%
Alabama85.22%North Dakota55.06%Washington0.58%
Oklahoma0.37%New Jersey0.33%Wisconsin0.13%

States with Lowest Percent of Vote
Kansas42.40%Mississippi4.19%West Virginia0.00%
South Dakota42.59%South Carolina4.37%Vermont0.00%
Nebraska42.81%Louisiana14.09%South Dakota0.00%
North Dakota44.18%Alabama14.34%South Carolina0.00%
Vermont44.92%Georgia14.83%Rhode Island0.00%

States with Largest Vote Swing
New York888,112Florida62,307
California404,206New Hampshire11,347

States with Largest Vote Swing Percentage
North Dakota43.91%Maine11.64%
Wisconsin31.72%New Hampshire4.69%
Minnesota27.00%North Carolina1.26%
Oregon26.71%Rhode Island0.63%

States with Largest Change in Total Votes
New York717,499Pennsylvania-59,712
California629,909North Carolina-16,816
Ohio307,323South Carolina-15,605

States with Largest Percentage Change in Total Votes
Florida48.27%South Carolina-13.52%
Texas32.34%North Carolina-2.00%

State Ranks
Rank RooseveltWillkie

County Ranks
Rank RooseveltWillkie

Note: county data for 1940 is not yet comprehensive.

Counties with Highest Percent of Vote
Terrell, GA100.00%McIntosh, ND91.66%Boundary, ID2.50%
Tate, MS99.81%Jackson, KY88.62%Taylor, WI2.47%
Lancaster, SC99.57%Gillespie, TX86.74%Milwaukee, WI2.42%
Calhoun, SC99.55%Mercer, ND85.36%McLean, ND2.40%
Chesterfield, SC99.31%Johnson, TN84.21%Burke, ND2.36%
Barnwell, SC99.30%Leslie, KY83.96%McCone, MT2.20%
Leake, MS99.26%Logan, ND83.59%Renville, ND1.88%
Union, SC99.21%Oliver, ND83.55%Williams, ND1.68%
Edgefield, SC99.16%Sanilac, MI82.13%Polk, WI1.64%
Jefferson, MS99.13%Hutchinson, SD82.08%Berks, PA1.64%
Meade, KS2.00%Baldwin, AL4.88%Josephine, OR1.08%
Stanton, KS1.88%Essex, NJ1.91%Deschutes, OR1.01%
Bond, IL1.63%Ontonagon, MI1.86%Curry, OR0.85%
Randolph, IN1.52%Franklin, IA1.78%Ramsey, MN0.84%
Brown, IL1.46%Marion, AL1.68%Coos, OR0.72%
Seward, KS1.45%Iowa, IA1.41%Crook, OR0.71%
Wabash, IL1.42%Mason, WA1.22%Malheur, OR0.71%
Pulaski, IN1.41%Price, WI0.99%Union, OR0.68%
Phillips, CO1.30%Alger, MI0.94%Jefferson, OR0.67%
Tift, GA1.29%Pine, MN0.93%Douglas, OR0.67%

Counties with Lowest Percent of Vote
Armstrong, SD0.00%Armstrong, SD0.00%
Sumter, SC0.00%Sumter, SC0.00%
McIntosh, ND8.34%Terrell, GA0.00%
Jackson, KY11.07%Tate, MS0.19%
Gillespie, TX13.15%Lancaster, SC0.43%

Counties with Highest Number of Votes
Cook, IL1,168,141Cook, IL938,454Milwaukee, WI8,484
Los Angeles, CA822,718Los Angeles, CA574,266Los Angeles, CA6,971
Kings, NY742,668Kings, NY394,534Cook, IL4,908
Philadelphia, PA532,149Philadelphia, PA354,878Kings, NY3,951
New York, NY478,153Queens, NY323,406New York, NY3,496
Wayne, MI451,003New York, NY292,480Wayne, MI3,269
Bronx, NY418,931Wayne, MI275,974Bronx, NY2,990
Allegheny, PA367,926Allegheny, PA263,285Baltimore, MD2,984
Cuyahoga, OH347,118Middlesex, MA242,658Philadelphia, PA2,093
Queens, NY288,024Cuyahoga, OH209,070Allegheny, PA1,757
Los Angeles, CA4,151Los Angeles, CA6,914Ramsey, MN1,154
Cook, IL2,675Essex, NJ6,556Multnomah, OR726
Kings, NY460Kings, NY3,758St. Louis, MN526
San Diego, CA456Bronx, NY3,587Fairfield, CT516
Marion, IN450New York, NY3,329Milwaukee, WI479
Maricopa, AZ414Philadelphia, PA2,106Wayne, MI401
Alameda, CA408San Francisco, CA1,935Suffolk, MA316
Sedgwick, KS394Wayne, MI1,741Middlesex, MA305
San Bernardino, CA389Alameda, CA1,285Essex, MA301
New York, NY378King, WA1,231Baltimore, MD294

Counties with Lowest Number of Votes
Armstrong, SD0Armstrong, SD0
Sumter, SC0Sumter, SC0
Kenedy, TX38Terrell, GA0
Alpine, CA62Calhoun, SC3
Loving, TX98Tate, MS3
Hinsdale, CO103Jefferson, MS7
Hooker, NE147Edgefield, SC9
Daggett, UT160Issaquena, MS9
McPherson, NE164McCormick, SC11
Arthur, NE194Lowndes, AL12

Counties with Largest Vote Swing
Cook, IL322,271Duval, FL11,205
Queens, NY192,638Dade, FL8,985
Kings, NY177,320Hillsborough, FL8,092
New York, NY157,162Escambia, FL6,381
Los Angeles, CA151,498Bristol, MA6,377
Bronx, NY105,836Polk, FL5,849
Jackson, MO100,284York, ME5,539
Milwaukee, WI87,960Penobscot, ME5,428
Allegheny, PA85,728Kennebec, ME4,703
San Francisco, CA67,603Hillsborough, NH4,680

Counties with Largest Vote Swing Percentage
Washington, TX96.25%Assumption, LA63.68%
McIntosh, ND95.19%Polk, TN60.07%
Oliver, ND94.94%Sumter, FL40.52%
Mercer, ND92.48%Lafourche, LA38.89%
Grant, ND87.56%White, TN38.84%
Emmons, ND86.46%Vernon, LA32.86%
Comal, TX85.68%King George, VA28.24%
Kenedy, TX80.68%Grant, LA26.57%
Logan, ND78.16%Stafford, VA22.39%
Morton, ND77.38%Scott, TN21.37%

Counties with Largest Change in Total Votes
Los Angeles, CA284,854Jackson, MO-56,100
Kings, NY171,266Schuylkill, PA-8,446
Queens, NY120,945Lackawanna, PA-7,116
Wayne, MI106,449Luzerne, PA-6,693
Cook, IL105,350York, PA-5,901
Bronx, NY95,386Chester, PA-5,751
Cuyahoga, OH80,770Fayette, PA-5,030
Allegheny, PA72,004Northumberland, PA-4,950
New York, NY66,846Lancaster, PA-4,855
Milwaukee, WI54,239Indiana, PA-4,527

Counties with Largest Percentage Change in Total Votes
Yoakum, TX315.92%Morgan, GA-56.54%
Zapata, TX304.75%Starr, TX-51.57%
Ector, TX256.72%Marlboro, SC-45.83%
Aransas, TX144.40%Benton, MS-44.47%
Gaines, TX135.40%Bamberg, SC-40.72%
Real, TX118.49%Cook, GA-40.31%
White, TN107.07%Marion, SC-40.03%
Haywood, TN104.90%Pulaski, GA-39.11%
Titus, TX101.90%Carroll, VA-36.92%
Dade, FL101.41%Florence, SC-36.19%

Counties with Lowest Percent of Vote and Win
Taylor, WI49.11%Franklin, IA49.56%
Burnett, WI49.23%Butler, KS49.60%
Isanti, MN49.51%Seward, KS49.65%
Lewis, WA49.56%Whitman, WA49.66%
Santa Clara, CA49.63%Charles, MD49.71%

Counties with Highest Percent of Vote and Lose
Todd, SD49.86%Austin, TX49.88%
Ziebach, SD49.85%Licking, OH49.86%
Perry, IN49.84%Day, SD49.85%
Marshall, SD49.79%Minidoka, ID49.80%
Elk, PA49.78%Garrard, KY49.75%

National Results for 1940


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