2010 Senatorial Election Statistics
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Below are tables of statistics showing various data relating to the 2010 Presidential Election Results. These include state and county-level statistics for total votes, percentage of vote, vote swing, margin of victory, etc.

States with the Smallest Margin of Victory
StateTotal Vote R D I %Margin Margin Republican Democratic Independent Other
1 IL3,704,473125 1.60% 59,220 48.01% 46.42% 0.02% 5.55%
2 CO1,777,668216 1.68% 29,896 46.40% 48.08% 0.64% 4.89%
3 PA3,977,661120 2.02% 80,229 51.01% 48.99% 0.00% 0.00%
4 AK255,962237 4.01% 10,252 35.49% 23.46% 0.18% 40.87%
5 WA2,511,094210 4.73% 118,766 47.64% 52.36% 0.00% 0.00%
6 WI2,171,331120 4.84% 105,041 51.86% 47.02% 0.00% 1.12%
7 NV721,404217 5.74% 41,424 44.55% 50.29% 0.44% 4.72%
8 CA10,000,160210 10.01% 1,001,075 42.17% 52.18% 0.00% 5.64%
9 WV529,948210 10.07% 53,345 43.40% 53.47% 0.00% 3.13%
10 KY1,356,468120 11.47% 155,568 55.69% 44.22% 0.00% 0.09%

States with the Largest Margin of Victory
StateTotal Vote R D I %Margin Margin Republican Democratic Independent Other
1 SD227,947100 100.00% 227,947 100.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
2 ND238,812120 53.91% 128,734 76.08% 22.17% 0.00% 1.75%
3 HI370,583215 53.24% 197,289 21.57% 74.81% 0.73% 2.89%
4 ID449,530120 46.25% 207,896 71.18% 24.93% 0.00% 3.90%
5 OK1,017,151123 44.50% 452,668 70.64% 26.13% 2.46% 0.77%
6 KS837,692120 43.72% 366,204 70.09% 26.38% 0.00% 3.53%
7 NY4,595,375210 34.11% 1,567,387 32.20% 66.31% 0.00% 1.49%
8 SC1,318,794120 33.83% 446,173 61.48% 27.65% 0.00% 10.88%
9 VT235,178213 33.41% 78,582 30.91% 64.33% 1.51% 3.25%
10 IA1,116,063120 31.05% 346,529 64.35% 33.30% 0.00% 2.34%

States with Highest Percent of Vote
South Dakota100.00%Hawaii74.81%Florida29.71%
North Dakota76.08%New York66.31%Arkansas3.24%
Oklahoma70.64%New York62.94%Oklahoma2.46%
Kansas70.09%Maryland62.19%New Hampshire2.02%
Indiana5.41%South Carolina9.21%Utah5.67%
Illinois2.36%West Virginia1.92%California1.25%

States with Lowest Percent of Vote
Hawaii21.57%South Dakota0.00%Wisconsin0.00%
Vermont30.91%Florida20.20%West Virginia0.00%
New York32.20%North Dakota22.17%Washington0.00%
New York35.10%Alaska23.46%Utah0.00%
Alaska35.49%Idaho24.93%South Dakota0.00%

States with Largest Vote Swing
New York1,890,228Arizona687,261
New York1,577,368Pennsylvania510,725

States with Largest Vote Swing Percentage
South Dakota98.85%Idaho52.11%
North Dakota90.47%Arizona31.98%

States with Largest Change in Total Votes
New York-2,196,249
New York-2,107,500

States with Largest Percentage Change in Total Votes
South Dakota-41.73%
New York-32.77%
New York-31.44%
New Hampshire-30.73%

State Ranks
Rank RepublicanDemocraticIndependent

County Ranks
Rank RepublicanDemocraticIndependent

Congressional District Ranks
Rank RepublicanDemocraticIndependent

Counties with Highest Percent of Vote
Aurora, SD100.00%Bronx, NY90.10%Pinellas, FL42.08%
Beadle, SD100.00%Prince George's, MD89.11%Leon, FL40.54%
Bennett, SD100.00%Bronx, NY87.50%Sarasota, FL40.37%
Bon Homme, SD100.00%Baltimore, MD86.59%Palm Beach, FL40.29%
Brookings, SD100.00%New York, NY85.10%Monroe, FL39.94%
Brown, SD100.00%Philadelphia, PA84.04%Pasco, FL39.32%
Brule, SD100.00%Kings, NY83.40%Hernando, FL38.56%
Buffalo, SD100.00%New York, NY83.23%Citrus, FL37.11%
Butte, SD100.00%Macon, AL82.98%Wakulla, FL36.10%
Campbell, SD100.00%Greene, AL81.46%Manatee, FL36.04%
Montgomery, IN11.53%Richland, SC18.44%Cache, UT17.96%
Rush, IN10.73%Charleston, SC12.59%Millard, UT13.48%
Miami, IN9.50%Lexington, SC11.83%Washington, ID10.55%
Wayne, IN9.13%Beaufort, SC11.67%Sanpete, UT10.24%
Morgan, IN9.02%Fairfield, SC10.42%Morgan, UT9.79%
White, IN8.85%Kershaw, SC10.24%Juab, UT9.29%
Carroll, IN8.59%Oconee, SC9.57%Duchesne, UT8.53%
Hancock, IN8.53%Dorchester, SC9.43%Box Elder, UT8.43%
Shelby, IN8.38%York, SC9.18%Franklin, ID8.21%
Henry, IN8.36%Pickens, SC9.08%Iron, UT7.98%

Counties with Lowest Percent of Vote
Bronx, NY9.02%Ziebach, SD0.00%Wyoming, WV0.00%
Prince George's, MD9.85%Yankton, SD0.00%Wood, WV0.00%
Bronx, NY11.00%Walworth, SD0.00%Wirt, WV0.00%
Baltimore, MD11.48%Union, SD0.00%Wetzel, WV0.00%
New York, NY13.04%Turner, SD0.00%Webster, WV0.00%

Counties with Highest Number of Votes
Los Angeles, CA749,353Los Angeles, CA1,432,450Palm Beach, FL156,140
Maricopa, AZ599,068Cook, IL898,751Broward, FL151,125
Orange, CA502,756King, WA489,190Pinellas, FL129,529
San Diego, CA454,301San Diego, CA389,806Miami-Dade, FL121,720
Cook, IL442,029Philadelphia, PA357,981Hillsborough, FL109,141
King, WA264,368Alameda, CA338,632Orange, FL61,233
Riverside, CA255,738Kings, NY327,872Sarasota, FL59,547
Miami-Dade, FL220,305Orange, CA323,477Lee, FL56,629
San Bernardino, CA216,441Santa Clara, CA320,734Brevard, FL56,202
Clark, NV192,516Maricopa, AZ319,012Pasco, FL54,362
Maricopa, AZ45,596Cook, IL34,758Los Angeles, CA23,198
Los Angeles, CA33,431Los Angeles, CA29,323San Diego, CA11,725
Cook, IL21,592Richland, SC20,651Orange, CA10,432
San Diego, CA16,578Charleston, SC12,562Salt Lake, UT9,610
Orange, CA14,625Maricopa, AZ12,095Riverside, CA8,117
Pima, AZ12,538San Diego, CA11,808San Bernardino, CA8,111
Marion, IN11,879Greenville, SC11,209Sacramento, CA6,833
San Bernardino, CA10,424Orange, CA10,137Utah, UT5,818
Sacramento, CA8,667Lexington, SC9,690Franklin, OH5,639
Riverside, CA8,321DuPage, IL7,576Santa Clara, CA5,105

Counties with Lowest Number of Votes
Menominee, WI159Ziebach, SD0Wyoming, WV0
San Juan, CO177Yankton, SD0Wood, WV0
Buffalo, SD208Walworth, SD0Wirt, WV0
Alpine, CA244Union, SD0Wetzel, WV0
Taliaferro, GA247Turner, SD0Webster, WV0
Esmeralda, NV268Tripp, SD0Wayne, WV0
Mineral, CO270Todd, SD0Upshur, WV0
Slope, ND279Sully, SD0Tyler, WV0
Clark, ID283Stanley, SD0Tucker, WV0
Daggett, UT312Spink, SD0Taylor, WV0

Counties with Largest Vote Swing
Cook, IL842,903Maricopa, AZ421,347
Los Angeles, CA435,045Pima, AZ143,944
Kings, NY252,611Cuyahoga, OH99,151
Kings, NY217,436Franklin, OH87,812
New York, NY215,387Ada, ID83,017
Broward, FL211,700Salt Lake, UT57,812
Queens, NY204,625Montgomery, PA51,644
Suffolk, NY202,144Hamilton, OH50,345
New York, NY200,239Jefferson, LA44,252
Palm Beach, FL195,614Delaware, PA43,798

Counties with Largest Vote Swing Percentage
Shannon, SD174.66%Blaine, ID98.42%
Buffalo, SD161.86%Teton, ID93.60%
Todd, SD157.61%Latah, ID78.43%
Dewey, SD146.29%Shoshone, ID74.54%
Ziebach, SD134.98%Bannock, ID68.40%
Day, SD129.58%Valley, ID67.56%
Corson, SD126.98%Ada, ID62.82%
Clay, SD126.89%Nez Perce, ID60.84%
Miner, SD120.24%Bonner, ID58.21%
Marshall, SD118.90%Santa Cruz, AZ54.91%

Counties with Largest Change in Total Votes
Pinal, AZ14,689Cook, IL-610,726
Sumter, FL10,996Los Angeles, CA-607,096
Brunswick, NC2,525Broward, FL-267,531
Lancaster, SC1,210Miami-Dade, FL-255,656
Boone, AR1,193New York, NY-240,569
Franklin, WA1,158New York, NY-235,026
Magoffin, KY731Kings, NY-233,478
Lyon, NV625Kings, NY-222,870
Teton, ID599Cuyahoga, OH-220,803
Bonner, ID590Philadelphia, PA-215,037

Counties with Largest Percentage Change in Total Votes
Sumter, FL34.99%Shannon, SD-80.81%
Pinal, AZ23.18%Buffalo, SD-76.39%
Teton, ID21.52%Todd, SD-72.44%
Magoffin, KY14.87%St. Bernard, LA-71.55%
Boone, AR8.66%Corson, SD-67.44%
Franklin, WA7.25%Dewey, SD-64.08%
Brunswick, NC6.77%Ziebach, SD-62.73%
Lancaster, SC5.85%Bennett, SD-56.54%
Clark, ID5.25%Clay, SD-55.27%
Daggett, UT4.88%Chattahoochee, GA-55.25%

Counties with Lowest Percent of Vote and Win
Jefferson, FL39.56%Mineral, NV44.93%Broward, FL35.96%
Alachua, FL40.05%Jackson, IL45.48%Palm Beach, FL40.29%
Monroe, FL42.67%Lincoln, AR45.55%Leon, FL40.54%
Madison, FL43.65%Chaffee, CO46.99%Pinellas, FL42.08%
Richland, SC44.41%Gadsden, FL47.10%--

Counties with Highest Percent of Vote and Lose
Union, KY49.97%Greene, PA49.91%Sarasota, FL40.37%
Boyd, KY49.64%Fayette, PA49.81%Monroe, FL39.94%
Marengo, AL49.37%Pierce, WA49.79%Pasco, FL39.32%
Luzerne, PA49.32%Island, WA49.74%Hernando, FL38.56%
Fayette, KY49.26%Greenup, KY49.50%Citrus, FL37.11%

National Results for 2010


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