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Election Law

  • Method for Choosing Presidential Electors: Statewide Popular Vote, Winner-Take-All
  • Fusion Legal: No
  • More Election Law information available via the link below.

Electoral College in Tennessee

Selection of Electors in Tennessee

Electoral College Proceedings

Election Results

Presidential Election Results

Senatorial Election Results

Gubernatorial Election Results

Constitutional Officers, State

Position Name Party Since
Governor Phil Bredesen Democrat 2003
Lt. Governor John Wilder Democrat 1971
Speaker of the House Jimmy Naifeh Democrat 1991

Elected officials, Federal

Position Name Party Since
Sr Senator Bill Frist Republican 1995
Jr Senator Lamar Alexander Republican 2003
TN-1 Rep. Bill Jenkins Republican 1997
TN-2 Rep. Jimmy Duncan Republican 1989
TN-3 Rep. Zach Wamp Republican 1995
TN-4 Rep. Lincoln Davis Democrat 2003
TN-5 Rep. Jim Cooper Democrat 2003
TN-6 Rep. Bart Gordon Democrat 1983
TN-7 Rep. Marsha Blackburn Republican 2003
TN-8 Rep. John Tanner Democrat 1989
TN-9 Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. Democrat 1997


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