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Election Law

  • Method for Choosing Presidential Electors: Statewide Popular Vote, Winner-Take-All
  • Fusion Legal: No
  • More Election Law information available via the link below.

Electoral College in West Virginia

There is no law requiring West Virginia's electors to vote for any particular person. They are free to vote as they choose without any penalties.

Selection of Electors in West Virginia

1. The party’s state executive committee sets a date for the state convention, the date must be in the June, July or August that precedes the election for the Presidential Electors.

2. The state executive committee then must forward a resolution to the party’s county executive committees that states the date, place, offices to be nominated, and the number of delegates from each county required to participate in the state convention. This number is to be determined by the party’s state executive committee and must be distributed to the counties proportionate to the number of votes cast in the state for the party’s candidate for governor in the previous Presidential election.

3. Within 10 days of receipt of the resolutions, the party’s county executive committee must meet and, by resolution, apportion the delegates down to each magisterial district in the county. This number must be proportionate to the number of votes cast in the county for the party’s candidate for governor in the previous gubernatorial election. (Each magesterial district must have one vote.)

4. The party’s county executive committee then must hold a county convention at least 30 days prior to the state convention. The county convention is a meeting of party members of each magesterial district. The members elect the number of delegates entitled to each district to attend the state convention.

5. The party’s executive committee must hold the county convention in a central and convenient location to all participants. They are required to publicize the event with a Class II-O legal ad that includes the place, time, name of a temporary chairman to the county wide convention, and the number of delegates which each magesterial district in the county is entitled to. One notice must appear in a county wide publication not more than 15 days prior to the convention and a second ad not less than 5 days prior to the convention.

6. Once the county delegates are selected and certified, they meet at the state convention to cast votes to select the Presidential Electors. A majority is required for nomination in all offices.

7. The results are then certified by the chairman and the secretary of the convention within 15 days to the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State will than certify it to the clerk of the circuit court of each county. The names of the Presidential Electors will not appear on the regular ballot for the general election. The ballot will be set up to reflect that a vote for the parties nomination for President will be a vote for that party’s electors.

Electoral College Proceedings

Election Results

Presidential Election Results

Gubernatorial Election Results


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