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Date of Prediction: 2006-07-08 Version:1

Prediction Map
jjnolla Map

* = Pickup via defeat of incumbent; ^ = Pickup of an open seat

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Prediction KeyConfidence Key

Confidence Map
jjnolla Map

Prediction States Won
25 |
36 |
50 |

Confidence States Won
25 |
36 |
50 |

State Pick-ups

Gain Loss Hold Net Gain
Inc. Open Total Inc. Open Total Inc. Open Total

Prediction Score (max Score = 72)

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Member Comments

 By: downwithdaleft (R-NJ) - 2006-07-08 @ 18:41:05

What about MI? That is the most vulnerable Dem seat of all. As much as I wish this was possible, it really is not.prediction Map

 By: Aguagon (D-AZ) - 2006-07-09 @ 06:26:48

I can't quite decide what my favorite part of this one is. Is it Napolitano losing Arizona? Frudenthal losing Wyoming? Maybe it's Bredesen losing Tennessee. Or maybe it's the Democratic victories in Michigan and Maryland--not that they're at all far-fetched, just that they seem inconsistent with the rest of the map.prediction Map

 By: cnbpjb (--GA) - 2006-07-09 @ 10:32:31

Maybe it's that they melted crayons on their map, and by extension computer, and their computer is no longer working? -:)prediction Map

 By: ilikeverin (D-MD) - 2006-07-10 @ 12:06:15

Aguagon: my favorite is definitely Freudenthal losing in Wyoming ;) 

 By: cm04g (I-FL) - 2006-07-24 @ 02:22:09

I was stunned when I saw your overly optimistic predictions.I just wanna say that I saw too many supporters get deflated on election night and it is usually people like you. I hope you are not that optimistic.
prediction Map

 By: db099221 (D-PA) - 2006-07-26 @ 14:06:33

You really shouldn't let your partisanship blind you. This is supposed to be an honest projection of the outcome on Election Day. No one will take you seriously if you make blatantly biased predictions! I won't even comment on the individual states that should definitely be changed because there are too many. You might have made better predictions if you had just flipped the colors on each state. You don't actually think that the outcome will be 34-16, Republicans, do you?

Last Edit: 2006-07-27 @ 18:31:54
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User's Predictions

Prediction Score States Percent Total Accuracy Ver #D Rank
P 2014 Senate
P 2014 Governor
P 2012 President 50/56 37/56 87/112 77.7% pie 1 350 561T
P 2010 Senate 32/37 6/37 38/74 51.4% pie 4 2 408T
P 2010 Governor 23/37 8/37 31/74 41.9% pie 1 47 290T
P 2006 U.S. Senate 23/33 10/33 33/66 50.0% pie 2 122 445T
P 2006 Governor 22/36 12/36 34/72 47.2% pie 1 122 297T
P 2004 President 48/56 31/56 79/112 70.5% pie 1 10 1285T
Aggregate Predictions 198/255 104/255 302/510 59.2% pie

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