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Polls Entered by Member: Lief (D - NY)

DateSTPoll Source Spread Rep Dem IndUnd M.O.E. Sample#C
2022-09-27WIPublic Policy PollingD +246%48%0%5%4%574 L5
2022-09-26TXQuinnipiac UniversityR +753%46%0%1%3%1,327 L2
2022-09-26PAFox NewsD +1140%51%2%8%3%1,008 L5
2022-09-26GAFox NewsR +750%43%2%6%3%1,011 L22
2022-09-25AZSuffolk UniversityD +145%46%0%8%5%500 L14
2022-09-24PAInsider AdvantageD +1537%52%3%7%4%550 L6
2022-09-24ORDHM Research/OPBR +132%31%18%19%4%600 L23
2022-09-24COTrafalgar GroupD +841%49%4%6%3%1,078 L3
2022-09-23ILEmerson CollegeD +1536%51%5%8%3%1,000 L3
2022-09-22PAMarist CollegeD +1242%54%0%4%4%1,043 L11
2022-09-21OKAmber Integrated / KOCOR +347%44%3%6%4%500 L14
2022-09-19MIEPIC/MRAD +1639%55%0%5%4%600 L16
2022-09-19MEUniversity of New HampshireD +1439%53%1%7%4%694 L12
2022-09-13NYData 4 ProgressD +1339%52%0%9%3%931 L8
2022-09-12NMSurvey USAD +1236%48%5%11%6%558 L5
2022-09-11WIMarquette Law SchoolD +344%47%5%3%4%801 L14
2022-09-10NVEmerson CollegeTie40%40%4%12%3%1,000 L1
2022-09-09CTEmerson CollegeD +1138%49%4%9%3%1,000 L8
2022-09-07OKSoonerPollR +144%43%7%7%5%402 L14
2022-08-25WITrafalgar GroupTie48%48%2%3%3%1,091 L26
2022-08-25NMResearch & Polling IncD +740%47%5%8%4%518 L9
2022-08-25MITrafalgar GroupD +445%49%3%2%3%1,080 L17
2022-08-23PAEmerson CollegeD +344%47%3%6%3%1,034 L3
2022-08-23MIEPIC/MRAD +1139%50%0%11%4%600 L16
2022-08-22PATrafalgar GroupD +445%49%2%5%3%1,096 L23
2022-08-22COTrafalgar GroupD +542%47%6%5%3%1,087 L20
2022-08-22AZRMG ResearchR +246%44%0%9%4%750 L22
2022-08-21PAFranklin and Marshall CollegeD +1133%44%4%19%5%522 L12
2022-08-21NYSurvey USAD +2431%55%0%14%4%715 L8
2022-08-19OHTrafalgar GroupR +1654%38%0%8%3%1,087 L13
2022-08-18NVTrafalgar GroupR +246%44%5%6%3%1,082 L1
2022-08-15WIMarquette Law SchoolD +243%45%7%5%4%811 L28
2022-08-15FLCherry CommunicationsR +851%43%0%6%4%608 L10
2022-08-14MIOther SourceD +546%51%0%3%4%1,365 L13
2022-08-12FLUniversity of North FloridaR +850%42%0%8%3%1,624 L19
2022-08-11NHSt. Anselm CollegeR +1948%29%0%23%2%1,898 R3
2022-08-10PAPublic Opinion StrategiesD +1535%50%0%15%4%600 R9
2022-08-10KSOther SourceR +348%45%0%7%3%1,074 L9
2022-07-19PAGlobal Strategy GroupD +842%50%0%8%3%1,200 L1
2022-07-17NMOther SourceD +444%48%5%3%4%500 L11

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