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Total Results - U.S. National

Home State Political Party Popular Vote Delegates
ptyRon PaulTexas Republican161 36.76% 644 27.1%
ptyJohn McCainArizona Republican61 13.93% 137 5.8%
ptyMike HuckabeeArkansas Republican47 10.73% 67 2.8%
ptyRudy GiulianiNew York Republican45 10.27% 66 2.8%
ptyWrite-ins (+)- -15 3.42% 65 2.7%
ptyFred ThompsonTennessee Republican41 9.36% 43 1.8%
ptyMitt RomneyMassachusetts Republican45 10.27% 36 1.5%
ptySam BrownbackKansas Republican9 2.05% 12 0.5%
ptyDuncan HunterCalifornia Republican6 1.37% 6 0.3%
ptyTom TancredoColorado Republican8 1.83% 0 0.0%

sealTotal Votes Cast

vto graph

U. S. National Results Map

Mock Election 2008 Map


Delegates Chart

1,191 |
2,380 |
Ron Paul644 
John McCain137 
Mike Huckabee67 
Rudy Giuliani66 
Fred Thompson43 
Mitt Romney36 
Sam Brownback12 
Duncan Hunter
Tom Tancredo

U.S. Voting Statistics

Democrats Republicans Independents Libertarians Other
Total: 9 Total: 287 Total: 52 Total: 38 Total: 52
dem pierep pieind pielib pieoth pie

Note: The Primary Mock Election is being run as an open primary - meaning that anyone from any party may vote in the Republican primary. In reality, each state has different rules - see individual state pages for voter eligibility rules. Like the real election, the Mock election only allows the voter to cast a ballot in only one party primary.

Total Results - Canada

Vice Presidential
Popular Vote
pty John McCain - Republican 2 28.57%
pty Mitt Romney - Republican 2 28.57%
pty Rudy Giuliani - Republican 1 14.29%
pty Ron Paul - Republican 1 14.29%
pty Mike Huckabee - Republican 1 14.29%

Total Results - Europe

Vice Presidential
Popular Vote
pty Rudy Giuliani - Republican 4 28.57%
pty Ron Paul - Republican 4 28.57%
pty John McCain - Republican 3 21.43%
pty Mitt Romney - Republican 2 14.29%
pty Sam Brownback - Republican 1 7.14%

Total Results - World

Vice Presidential
Popular Vote
pty Ron Paul - Republican 169 37.39%
pty John McCain - Republican 67 14.82%
pty Mike Huckabee - Republican 51 11.28%
pty Mitt Romney - Republican 50 11.06%
pty Rudy Giuliani - Republican 50 11.06%
pty Fred Thompson - Republican 41 9.07%
pty Sam Brownback - Republican 10 2.21%
pty Tom Tancredo - Republican 8 1.77%
pty Duncan Hunter - Republican 6 1.33%

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