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TIME Magazine Says it Costs $20 Million to Get an Independent Presidential Candidate on the Ballot in All States
(from: Ballot Access News @ August 29, 2015, 09:29 PM)

TIME Magazine’s August 24, 2015 issue has a story, “The Knives Come Out for Donald Trump, but he’s not going anywhere.” It says, “Mounting an independent campaign would require Trump to collect hundreds of thousands of signatures to get on ballots in 50 states, which would mean an investment of at least double the more than $10 million Trump has earmarked for his candidacy.” Thanks to Oliver Hall for this news.

Canada News Story Explains How Political Parties get Recognized under Canada Law, and Lists all Qualified Parties
(from: Ballot Access News @ August 29, 2015, 09:24 PM)

This interesting Canada news story explains how political parties become registered with the government. The procedure is quite easy, and there are several dozen parties. Candidates for House of Commons get on the ballot by collecting 100 signatures and paying a filing fee of $1,000, part of which is refunded if they follow campaign finance laws and the remainder of which is refunded if the candidate polls a certain share of the vote.

Party names are printed on the ballot only for parties that are recognized. Thanks to Nathan Hetzel for the link.

Iowa Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Closing In on Hillary Clinton
(from: Washington Wire @ August 29, 2015, 08:14 PM)

A new poll in Iowa shows Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton losing considerable ground to her chief rival, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, despite having built a formidable network of organizers and volunteers in the state that holds the first presidential contest.

California Bill Setting Up Rules for Green Party Presidential Primary Moves Ahead
(from: Ballot Access News @ August 29, 2015, 05:07 PM)

On August 27, California AB 477 passed the Senate Appropriations Committee, and will probably receive a vote on the Senate floor soon. The original bill that had passed the Assembly on May 14 only dealt with procedures concerning voters who vote by mail and who forget to sign the outer envelope. The original bill had nothing to do with the Green Party.

On July 1, the bill was amended in the Senate to add Green Party primary rules to the election code. California is the only state in which the internal rules governing particular qualified parties are included in the election code. In the 1950’s, code sections for particular parties were created, but they didn’t name any particular parties. There were just rules for parties above a certain number of registered voters, and rules for parties below a certain number of registrants. One set of rules was intended for the Democratic Party, and the other set of rules was intended for the smaller Republican Party and the much smaller Prohibition Party, at the time the only other qualified party.

But that system didn’t work very well, because as California grew, the number of registered Republicans grew also, and the Republican Party, having gained so many registrants that it crossed the threshold meant to separate its code section from the Democratic section, would suddenly be required to operate under the rules meant for the Democratic Party, creating chaos for the Republican Party. Finally the legislature decided to delete the number of registered voters separating the categories, and instead passed sections specifically named “Democratic Party rules” and “Republican Party rules.”

In 1975 the legislature added code sections for the American Independent and the Peace & Freedom Parties, which had been been ballot-qualified starting in 1968. The Libertarian Party qualified in 1980 but the legislature defeated a bill to set up Libertarian Party rules, so the Libertarian Party operates under the Peace & Freedom rules. Later the Green, Natural Law, Reform, and Americans Elect Parties qualified, but the legislature didn’t add procedures for them either, so they used the Peace & Freedom rules (Natural Law, Reform, and Americans Elect are no longer qualified). For many years the Green Party has been trying to get its own preferred rules into the election code, and now it is finally likely to succeed. Thanks to Chad Peace for making me aware of AB 477.

What Big Democratic Donors Will Get in Philadelphia
(from: Washington Wire @ August 29, 2015, 02:44 PM)

The Democratic National Committee is offering all sorts of perks at next year's presidential nominating convention in Philadelphia next year in return for whopping contributions.

Former New York State Senator Cecilia Tkaczyk Files Paperwork Listing Herself as State Chair of Women?s Equality Party
(from: Ballot Access News @ August 29, 2015, 11:42 AM)

Former New York State Senator Cecilia Tkaczyk has filed a list of party officers and bylaws for the Women’s Equality Party of New York, listing herself as state chair. She was a Democratic State Senator for two years, 2013-2015. Here is a link to her filing. Here is a link to the wikipedia page about her.

The New York Women’s Equality Party already has a rival set of party officers. The party became ballot-qualified in November 2014 by polling over 50,000 votes for Governor, for its nominee, Andrew Cuomo, who was also the Democratic, Working Families, and Independence Party nominee. In New York, when a group becomes a fully-qualified party by polling over 50,000 votes, its statewide nominees are given the power to determine the identity of the new party’s officers. Governor Cuomo and his Lieutenant Governor running made then signed papers choosing someone else as state chair of the Women’s Equality Party, but the other two statewide nominees did not sign that paperwork. State law says it is supposed to be signed by a majority of the statewide nominees. Therefore, the original filing is legally flawed. It is not known if Tkaczyk is prepared to go to court to establish her claim to be state chair. The original chair is a registered Democrat; it is not known if Tkaczyk is a registered member of the Women’s Equality Party, but her claim to be state chair will be stronger if she has joined the party. Thanks to Michael Drucker for the link.

Jeb Bush?s Campaign Makes Appeal Amid Fund-Raising Woes
(from: NY Times The Caucus @ August 29, 2015, 11:02 AM)

Jeb Bush?s presidential campaign, which to date has raised significantly more than his Republican rivals, is encountering difficulties matching its torrid pace as Mr. Bush slips in the polls and top party donors continue to withhold their commitments.

Massachusetts Pirate Party Supports GMO Labeling Bill
(from: Independent Political Report @ August 28, 2015, 10:40 PM)

From the Massachusetts Pirate Party website:

We here at MPP would like to invite you all to join us at a public hearing this coming September 22 before the House Agriculture Committee about Massachusetts? GMO labeling bill, H. 3242. Support GMO labelling? Great! Come on out!

But if you are one of the people who is on the fence about GMO regulation, or if you are outright pro-GMO, this article is directed toward you.… Read more ...

Green Party of Minnesota Supports #BlackFair
(from: Independent Political Report @ August 28, 2015, 10:07 PM)

From the Green Party US website:

The Green Party of Minnesota continues to support the movement which keeps alive the simple, urgent message that #BlackLivesMatter.

In a time where African Americans are incarcerated at nearly six times the rate of whites due to the racist “broken window” and “war on drugs” policies, 25% of black Minnesotans are living in poverty, and the city of Saint Paul leads the state in the use of deadly force against people of color, we support actions that keep conversations about racial injustice alive.… Read more ...

U.S. District Court rules against Libertarian Party of New Hampshire lawsuit against ban on off-year party petitioning
(from: Independent Political Report @ August 28, 2015, 09:42 PM)


From the Concord Monitor:

Efforts by the Libertarian Party to win back its official listing on New Hampshire ballots received a setback Thursday when a federal judge upheld a 2014 state law that puts a time limit on the period during which the party can gather the thousands of necessary supporting signatures.

Read more ...

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