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Arkansas Secretary of State Removes Tom Hoefling from Ballot for President
(from: Ballot Access News @ September 25, 2016, 01:37 PM)

The Arkansas Secretary of State has removed Tom Hoefling from the presidential ballot, because his independent petition did not list a vice-presidential nominee. Hoefling is the America’s Party presidential nominee. When he circulated his Arkansas petition, he did not yet know who his running mate would be.

It is odd that the Secretary of State checked Hoefling’s petition, found it to be valid, and said on August 11 that Hoefling would be on the ballot. One would think that if the petition was insufficient because it didn’t list a vice-president, this would have been obvious when the petition was handed in, and it would have been rejected at that time.

Arkansas let independent presidential candidate John B. Anderson switch vice-presidential nominees in 1980. However, back in 1980, Arkansas did not require any petition for an independent presidential candidate. Such candidates got on the Arkansas ballot simply by writing a letter. This was true for the period 1980 through 1996. Before 1980 Arkansas had no procedures for independent presidential candidates to get on the ballot. So there are no previous precedents concerning vice-presidential substitution for Arkansas independent petitions.

It is unfortunate that Hoefling did not know that he could have circulated a minor party presidential petition in Arkansas, a petition that needs 1,000 signatures (the same requirement as for independent presidential petitions, with the same August 1 deadline). That petition need not name any candidates; it just names the party and asks that it be qualified for the presidential election.

Arkansas acted in a similar way for Rocky De La Fuente as well. First the state checked his petition, and listed him on the web page, but later the Secretary of State removed him because De La Fuente had run in the Arkansas Democratic presidential primary this year.

Socialist Party is Only Party, Besides Republicans and Democrats, to File for Guam Advisory Presidential Vote
(from: Ballot Access News @ September 25, 2016, 12:25 PM)

Starting in 1980, Guam has voted for President in November, even though Guam has no electoral votes. The Guam Election Commission always prints the Democratic and Republican national tickets on its November ballot automatically. It also puts other tickets on the ballot, simply by request. This year, the only third ticket is the Socialist Party’s ticket. See the Guam ballot here. The presidential part is near the bottom. The Socialist Party presidential candidate’s name is Emidio Soltysik, but the ballot omits the “i” in his surname.

Most minor party and independent tickets ignore the Guam presidential vote. Ross Perot never asked to be on the Guam ballot, nor has the Green Party. Ralph Nader was on Guam in 2004 but not any other year. Generally the Libertarian Party ticket is on, but not this year.

The highest percentage of the vote anyone outside the two major parties ever received in Guam was John Anderson in 1980. He got 954 votes, which was 3.78%, lower than his percentage in any of the 50 states except Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. Thanks to Walter Ziobro for the link.

Trump's outright lies in one week?31?a generous undercount
(from: Swing State Project @ September 25, 2016, 11:35 AM)

The New York Times has clearly turned a corner on its Donald Trump coverage, now fully embracing the word "lie" to describe the geyser of falsehoods that gush from him. Between Sept.15-21, its reporters counted what the paper called his "Week of Whoppers" and found 31 biggies. But that was clearly a generous undercount.

This total excludes dozens more: Untruths that appeared to be mere hyperbole or humor, or delivered purely for effect, or what could generously be called rounding errors. Mr. Trump?s campaign, which dismissed this compilation as ?silly,? offered responses on every point, but in none of the following instances did the responses support his assertions.

Among the 31 that made the cut, Trump most frequently lied about his Iraq War position (five times) and mischaracterized Hillary Clinton's (and President Obama's) immigration policies (four times). Here's one example:

He said Mrs. Clinton is calling for ?total amnesty in the first 100 days,? including ?a virtual end to immigration enforcement? and for unauthorized immigrants to receive Social Security and Medicare.

In other words, Trump?s desperate need to be right (about the war) and his efforts to rally racists and xenophobes to his side dominate his lie-fests. 

Next up: The Times should try counting how many truths Trump actually tells in any given speech. If you take away his outright lies, his exaggerations and hyperbole, and his policy pronouncements that are clearly impossible to accomplish (i.e. deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants), my suspicion is that his lies would consistently outnumber his truths in any given speech.

Sunday, Sep 25, 2016 · 3:57:25 PM +00:00 · Kerry Eleveld

UPDATE: Trump lie-o-meter continues



Trump Campaign Says It Didn?t Invite Gennifer Flowers to Debate
(from: Washington Wire @ September 25, 2016, 10:57 AM)

Gennifer Flowers won't be at Monday night's presidential debate, at least not as a guest of Donald Trump's presidential campaign, its officials said on Sunday.

Wikinews Interviews Independent Presidential Candidate Laurence Kotlikoff
(from: Independent Political Report @ September 25, 2016, 02:47 AM)


For the August edition of my monthly Wikinews series covering the 2016 presidential election, I interviewed Independent presidential candidate Laurence Kotlikoff.

Kotlikoff, the former senior economist on President Ronald Reagan’s Council of Economic Advisers and current economics professor at Boston University is on the ballot in Colorado and Louisiana with running mate Edward E.Read more ...

?Democracy Now!? has invited Gary Johnson and Jill Stein to a post-debate event on September 27
(from: Independent Political Report @ September 24, 2016, 10:27 PM)


September 24, 2016
Posted to Democracy Now!

This tantalizing information is included in an article by Democracy Now:

Tuesday Morning September 27: Democracy Now!?s Expanded 2-Hour Post Debate Coverage starting at 8:00 am ET.

Tune in on Tuesday, September 27th for a special 2-hour broadcast of Democracy Now! from 8:00 am?10:00 am ET.… Read more ...

Donald Trump Pushes School Choice, Takes Aim at Hillary Clinton?s Record
(from: Washington Wire @ September 24, 2016, 08:59 PM)

At his last scheduled public appearance before his first debate with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Republican nominee Donald Trump portrayed himself as the political avatar for ?every neglected part of this nation.?

Daily Kos Elections weekly open thread #2: What races are you interested in?
(from: Swing State Project @ September 24, 2016, 04:01 PM)

 Talking Heads ? ?Burning Down the House?

Politico Web Page for November 8 Presidential Election Returns Seems Already Set Up, and Apparently Plans to List Only Four Candidates
(from: Ballot Access News @ September 24, 2016, 03:51 PM)

Politico is a very good source for election night vote returns. It appears that Politico has already set up its presidential election night vote returns web page, and that it will only include Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and Donald Trump. For example, see the Louisiana page, which only lists those four, even though Louisiana has eleven presidential candidates on the ballot.

Showtime to air John McAfee documentary, Saturday September 24
(from: Independent Political Report @ September 24, 2016, 03:51 PM)

Tonight, Saturday, September 24, Showtime cable network will air a documentary on the life of John McAfee, inventor of McAfee antivirus software, and unsuccessful candidate for the Libertarian nomination for President in 2016.

Fortune magazine reports the …documentary about McAfee?s time in Belize alleges that he committed not one but two murders, and raped a Harvard biologist who was running a lab with him in the Central American country.Read more ...

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