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Marist College Polls

DateST Spread Rep Dem IndUnd M.O.E. Sample#C
2014-10-30GAR +548%43%3%5%4%603 L2
2014-10-28NYD +2630%56%7%7%4%503 L5
2014-10-23SDR +3967%28%1%4%3%730 L19
2014-10-23ARR +347%44%4%5%4%621 L19
2014-10-22KSD +144%45%5%7%4%757 L19
2014-10-22IAR +2359%36%2%4%4%772 L19
2014-10-22COD +541%46%7%6%4%755 L19
2014-10-01KSD +143%44%4%8%4%636 L27
2014-10-01IAR +2258%36%1%5%4%778 L27
2014-09-21NYD +2529%54%9%8%4%517 L
2014-09-04COD +439%43%9%9%4%795 L13
2014-09-04ARR +948%39%7%8%4%639 L13
2014-07-31NYD +3123%54%7%17%3%852 R5
2014-07-13IAR +1553%38%1%9%3%1,599 R2
2014-07-10MIR +246%44%1%9%3%870 R12
2014-07-10COD +643%49%1%7%3%914 L5
2014-07-01NYD +3524%59%6%12%4%673 R
2014-05-05GAR +1050%40%1%10%2%2,196 R8
2014-05-04ARR +749%42%2%7%3%876 R8
2014-03-03NYD +4025%65%0%10%4%658 R
2013-11-20NYD +4324%67%0%9%4%675 L

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