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Polls Entered by Member: IndyRep (R - MT)

DateSTPoll Source Spread Rep Dem IndUnd M.O.E. Sample#C
2016-11-06NCSiena Research InstituteD +146%47%0%7%4%800 L1
2016-11-06NHUniversity of New HampshireD +1137%48%0%15%4%707 L10
2016-11-01MORemington Research GroupR +146%45%4%4%2%1,722 L
2016-10-31WVOther SourceR +143%42%13%2%4%321 L48
2016-10-31WAOther SourceD +1342%55%0%3%4%745 L48
2016-10-31VTOther SourceR +752%45%0%3%3%436 L48
2016-10-31OROther SourceD +1242%54%0%4%4%743 L48
2016-10-31NDOther SourceR +3968%29%0%3%5%279 L48
2016-10-31NHOther SourceD +1043%53%0%4%3%659 L48
2016-10-31MTOther SourceD +1439%53%0%8%4%405 L48
2016-10-31MOMonmouth UniversityTie46%46%2%5%5%405 L8
2016-10-31INOther SourceD +147%48%0%5%4%674 L48
2016-10-31DEOther SourceD +2436%60%0%4%3%458 L48
2016-10-30INMonmouth UniversityD +642%48%4%6%5%402 L14
2016-10-28NCYouGovD +244%46%0%10%4%992 L1
2016-10-27NCElon UniversityTie44%44%1%11%4%710 L9
2016-10-26NCMarist CollegeD +645%51%0%4%4%780 L8
2016-10-26MORemington Research GroupD +243%45%0%12%2%2,559 L
2016-10-26MOMason-DixonD +145%46%0%9%4%625 L5
2016-10-25NHMonmouth UniversityD +543%48%4%5%5%401 L4
2016-10-24NHMarist CollegeD +146%47%2%4%4%768 L2
2016-10-24INGravis MarketingD +438%42%4%16%2%596 R13
2016-10-17WVOther SourceD +1133%44%13%9%5%408 L11
2016-10-17NHUniversity of New HampshireD +638%44%4%15%4%770 L9
2016-10-12WAYouGovD +645%51%0%4%4%750 L0
2016-10-12ORSurvey USAD +442%46%0%12%4%654 L10
2016-10-12NCMarist CollegeD +148%49%0%3%4%743 L13
2016-10-12NHMassIncD +344%47%2%8%4%501 L6
2016-10-12MTMason-DixonD +245%47%2%6%3%1,003 L19
2016-10-11NHUMass LowellR +241%39%6%14%5%517 L0
2016-10-11MOOther SourceD +642%48%5%5%2%2,171 L
2016-10-10MTMontana State UniversityD +1232%44%3%20%4%590 L3
2016-10-05NHSuffolk UniversityR +440%36%2%22%4%500 L3
2016-10-05MOOther SourceD +341%44%0%15%3%1,588 L
2016-10-05INOther SourceD +239%41%5%15%4%600 L4
2016-10-03WAStrategies 360D +1040%50%0%10%4%500 L2
2016-10-03NCSurvey USAD +444%48%2%6%4%656 L6
2016-10-02NCSelzer & CoD +644%50%0%6%4%805 L11
2016-10-02NCQuinnipiac UniversityD +246%48%0%6%4%507 L3
2016-09-30NCElon UniversityD +444%48%3%5%4%660 L2
2016-09-28NCPublic Policy PollingD +342%45%4%9%3%861 L5
2016-09-28DEUniversity of DelawareD +3225%57%7%11%4%762 L5
2016-09-27MOOther SourceD +1635%51%0%14%3%1,279 L
2016-09-25NHARGR +145%44%0%11%4%522 R4
2016-09-22NCHigh Point UniversityD +941%50%3%5%5%404 L6
2016-09-22NCOther SourceR +241%39%1%19%4%487 R2
2016-09-20NCPublic Policy PollingD +541%46%2%11%3%1,024 L6
2016-09-20NCFox NewsR +346%43%3%8%4%734 L7
2016-09-20NHMonmouth UniversityR +649%43%1%7%5%400 L12
2016-09-19NCSiena Research InstituteD +842%50%0%8%4%782 L10
2016-09-16NCElon UniversityR +349%46%0%5%4%644 L4
2016-09-12NCCivitas InstituteR +245%43%3%9%4%600 L11
2016-09-08INOther SourceD +535%40%8%19%4%600 L9
2016-09-07OROther SourceD +1727%44%0%29%4%610 L4
2016-09-07NCQuinnipiac UniversityD +744%51%0%5%4%751 L9
2016-09-06OROther SourceD +835%43%0%22%4%517 R5
2016-09-02MOOther SourceD +442%46%0%12%3%1,275 L14
2016-08-28WVOther SourceD +1432%46%13%9%5%435 R39
2016-08-22MOMonmouth UniversityD +1140%51%3%6%5%401 L25
2016-08-04UTDan JonesR +4164%23%6%7%3%858 L2
2016-08-03WVOther SourceD +1037%47%0%15%5%419 L25
2016-06-01UTGravis MarketingR +2756%29%0%15%3%1,519 R3
2016-05-22NCPublic Policy PollingTie41%41%5%13%3%928 R12
2016-04-24NCPublic Policy PollingD +142%43%4%11%3%960 R0
2016-04-21INOther SourceR +449%45%0%6%4%500 L12
2016-03-24MOOther SourceD +237%39%2%22%4%673 L10
2016-03-10NCSurvey USAR +247%45%0%8%3%1,600 L2
2016-03-04MOOther SourceR +139%38%0%23%3%903 L15
2016-02-16NCPublic Policy PollingR +243%41%0%16%3%1,291 L2
2016-02-16NCSurvey USAR +345%42%0%13%3%1,650 L4
2016-01-06NHPublic Policy PollingR +439%35%0%26%3%1,036 R5
2015-10-18NHPublic Policy PollingR +741%34%0%25%3%880 R19
2015-06-25NCCivitas InstituteR +543%38%0%19%4%600 L6

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