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I plan to keep all the high-level data and maps (state, national) as well as the county and congressional-district maps as free access as it always has been without any form of membership! I very much enjoy sharing my work and passion with the world community. The exception to this will be during peak demand time, when it will be necessary to take many of the pages and graphics off-line until the demand subsides.

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*Note: the site membership does not include access to the excel or csv data sets - these are a separate purchase.

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Status of Presidential Precint Data

2008 Precinct Status Map 2004 Precinct Status Map 2000 Precinct Status Map
1996 Precinct Status Map 1992 Precinct Status Map


The following levels of membership are currently available:

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A Purchaser member is a person who has or would like to have easy access to purchased data files, but is not interested in the paid site membership. Other paid (Student, Individual, Group, Site) and contributor licenses include access to any purchased data files.

A Contributor member is a person who is a data-nut and wants to see more information on the site. Such an individual is willing to spend a lot of time researching primary data sources, making sure that it is right, and donating these to the site. (both in electronic format and original paper copies). A contributor may also donate scripts (e.g. new features). Contributor arrangements can be made by sending me an email and we can come to an agreement. Note that a contributor will receive credit on the site for the material, but all donated material will be owned by the site.

Example Contributions - Generally, you will not be able to obtain any of the information I am looking for on the internet - most likely, contributions require a trip to a library or state archives.

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