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Polls Entered by Member: Lief (D - NY)

DateSTPoll Source Spread Rep Dem IndUnd M.O.E. Sample#C
2014-11-02NHUniversity of New HampshireD +443%47%1%9%4%757 L6
2014-11-02MIMitchell ResearchTie47%47%4%3%3%1,224 L14
2014-11-02MEMaine People's Research CenterD +144%45%9%2%3%906 L27
2014-11-02GALandmark CommunicationsR +651%45%3%1%2%1,500 L1
2014-11-01NHNew England CollegeD +744%51%2%3%3%1,526 L3
2014-11-01MAPublic Policy PollingR +446%42%7%6%3%887 L25
2014-11-01IDPublic Policy PollingR +1249%37%10%5%3%1,001 L13
2014-11-01CTPublic Policy PollingD +341%44%6%8%3%931 L32
2014-10-31IASelzer & CoR +2459%35%2%4%4%701 L5
2014-10-30IARasmussenR +1855%37%3%4%3%990 L2
2014-10-30CTRasmussenD +147%48%2%4%3%977 L11
2014-10-28ILOther SourceD +342%45%4%9%4%823 L10
2014-10-27MAYouGovD +344%47%7%3%5%591 L6
2014-10-23SDMarist CollegeR +3967%28%1%4%3%730 L19
2014-10-23MDYouGovD +1338%51%0%11%4%1,973 L
2014-10-23ARMarist CollegeR +347%44%4%5%4%621 L19
2014-10-22KSMarist CollegeD +144%45%5%7%4%757 L19
2014-10-22IAMarist CollegeR +2359%36%2%4%4%772 L19
2014-10-22COMarist CollegeD +541%46%7%6%4%755 L19
2014-10-21WISt. Norbert CollegeR +147%46%0%6%4%603 L15
2014-10-21MIPublic Policy PollingTie48%48%0%4%3%723 L18
2014-10-21KSGravis MarketingD +544%49%0%7%3%1,124 L8
2014-10-20NYSiena Research InstituteD +2133%54%9%5%4%748 L3
2014-10-19SCSusquehanna Polling & ResearchR +2051%31%11%7%3%917 L2
2014-10-19FLOther SourceD +340%43%8%9%5%500 L6
2014-10-17FLOther SourceD +144%45%8%3%2%1,855 L17
2014-10-14PAMagellan StrategiesD +742%49%0%9%3%1,131 L25
2014-10-05PAQuinnipiac UniversityD +1738%55%2%5%3%907 L8
2014-10-05NHUniversity of New HampshireD +1036%46%2%16%4%532 L1
2014-10-05MDWashington PostD +938%47%4%11%5%549 L4
2014-10-04MIGlengariff GroupR +845%37%3%15%4%600 L5
2014-10-03MIPublic Policy PollingR +147%46%0%7%4%654 L9
2014-10-03FLPublic Policy PollingD +243%45%8%5%3%1,161 L8
2014-10-02TXRasmussenR +1151%40%3%7%4%840 L11
2014-10-02MAYouGovD +444%48%6%2%6%414 L9
2014-10-01NMGravis MarketingR +448%44%0%8%4%727 L33
2014-10-01KSGravis MarketingD +840%48%0%12%3%850 L7
2014-10-01KSMarist CollegeD +143%44%4%8%4%636 L27
2014-10-01IAMarist CollegeR +2258%36%1%5%4%778 L27
2014-10-01GAInsider AdvantageR +144%43%4%9%3%947 L8
2014-09-30PAOther SourceD +2334%57%0%9%4%500 L7
2014-09-30MECritical InsightsR +339%36%21%4%4%606 L6
2014-09-29NHARGD +1540%55%0%5%4%600 L3
2014-09-25ILRasmussenD +242%44%6%8%4%750 L57
2014-09-24PAMercyhurst UniversityD +1528%43%3%27%4%479 R0
2014-09-24ORSurvey USAD +1238%50%5%8%4%568 L1
2014-09-23NYSiena Research InstituteD +2927%56%7%10%3%809 L11
2014-09-23NMRasmussenR +1350%37%6%6%4%830 L10
2014-09-23MABoston GlobeR +240%38%5%18%5%400 L16
2014-09-23MAYouGovR +146%45%6%3%4%440 L10
2014-09-22PAFranklin and Marshall CollegeD +2033%53%4%9%4%520 R4
2014-09-21MAMassIncD +1036%46%5%13%4%502 L6
2014-09-20NHNew England CollegeD +1240%52%4%5%3%1,494 L1
2014-09-18PAMagellan StrategiesD +940%49%0%11%3%1,120 L18
2014-09-18MIRasmussenR +647%41%3%9%4%750 L2
2014-09-17MARasmussenTie42%42%5%10%4%750 L11
2014-09-17COGravis MarketingR +548%43%5%4%4%657 L9
2014-09-16NHVox Populi PollingD +443%47%0%10%4%550 L5
2014-09-16GARasmussenR +145%44%3%8%4%750 L7
2014-09-15NHARGD +1239%51%0%12%4%495 L1
2014-09-15IAQuinnipiac UniversityR +2360%37%1%3%3%1,167 L4
2014-09-15FLSurvey USAR +544%39%7%9%4%571 L10
2014-09-11NHRasmussenD +1140%51%0%9%4%750 L7
2014-09-11GALandmark CommunicationsD +344%47%4%5%3%1,108 L3
2014-09-11GAAtlanta Journal ConstitutionR +143%42%7%8%4%884 L6
2014-09-11GAInsider AdvantageR +444%40%7%9%3%1,167 L2
2014-09-07KSSurvey USAD +740%47%5%7%4%555 L15
2014-09-04SCARGR +1043%33%18%6%4%600 L6
2014-09-02KSYouGovR +747%40%2%11%3%839 L
2014-08-21AKRasmussenR +1147%36%11%6%4%750 L3
2014-08-04FLSurvey USAR +245%43%8%4%4%576 L7
2014-08-03ARPublic Policy PollingR +543%38%7%12%3%1,066 L1
2014-08-03AKPublic Policy PollingR +1537%22%20%21%4%673 L1
2014-07-31NYMarist CollegeD +3123%54%7%17%3%852 R5
2014-07-28MEMaine People's Research CenterD +241%43%13%4%3%796 L4
2014-07-28CTVox Populi PollingD +134%35%3%27%4%550 R12
2014-07-01NYMarist CollegeD +3524%59%6%12%4%673 R
2014-04-03WISt. Norbert CollegeR +1656%40%0%4%5%401 L19
2014-03-03NYMarist CollegeD +4025%65%0%10%4%658 R

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