Monthly Archives: January 2005

National Popular Vote Complete

With the few small updates today (amended Ohio results, two changes in West Virginia, and reallocation of write-ins in New Hampshire and Virginia), the popular vote results of the 2004 Presidential Election are complete (note that some data are likely to be amended in the future based on analysis of precincts or county-level canvasses). The final tally is: Bush 62,041,268 (or 50.73%) vs. Kerry 59,028,908 (48.27%). Nader came in a distant third with 463,635 (0.38%) just above Badnarik at 397,157 (0.32%). Other candidates received 365,170 (0.30%). The 2004 election is the first to have a winner with a majority of the popular vote since George HW Bush defeated Michael Dukakis in 1988.