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Atlas on CD

I’ve had the suggestion of a CD (compact disk) version of the Atlas on the store page for some time. Today, it is finally available! The Atlas CD version is the html version of the site with all the national maps from 1789 through 2000, the state county maps from 1960 through 2000, county-level data table from 1960-2000, CD maps for 2000, etc. The CD also includes the Certificate of Ascertainment and Certificate of Vote for each state in 2000 (from the National Archives and Records Administration). Bonus features on the disk include super larger versions of the national county maps (1960 through 2000) in Mercator Projection (2511 x 1350 pixels) and also national county maps in Lambert Conical Projection (1440 x 890 pixels). The CD may be purchased through the Cafe Press store. The cover artwork is courtesy of my good friend, Sean Moyer, over at The Chrome Cow. He is quite an accomplished computer artist.