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Official MI 2016 Pres Primary Results Shorts Cruz 3,000 Votes

Michigan County Map Highlighting Saginaw County

Michigan County Map Highlighting Saginaw County

The official results posted by the Michigan Secretary of State for the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary includes a 3,000 vote error for Ted Cruz in Saginaw County.  The Saginaw County Clerk posted the official Summary results showing Ted Cruz with 6,535 votes (3,966 votes in the 4th congressional district and 2,569 votes in the 5th congressional district).  The county-level file posted by the Michigan Secretary of State shows the total figure for Saginaw County as 3,535 -> 3,000 votes less than the totals reported by the county. A review of the precinct report suggests the county figure is the correct one.  The figures on the Atlas reflect this correction.  The 2016 Michigan Presidential Primary Republican results can be seen here.  Note that the error is not significant enough to change the delegate allocation.

2016 Election Predictions Now Open

Election predictions for the 2016 General Election are now open (U.S. President, U.S. Senate, and Governor).  To help with picking winners, the polling database for the 2016 General Elections is also active.  In 2012, the Atlas predictions for U.S. President had 81 users correctly call all 51 state-wide contests and all five congressional districts.  The 2014 predictions were a bit tougher with nine users calling all states for U.S. Senate.  Nobody called all 36 contests for Governor, given surprises in Maryland, Kansas, and Illinois.  Good luck in this round!