Monthly Archives: April 2006

2006 Election Polls

Two new sections are now available on the Atlas – Gubernatorial Election Polls for 2006 and Senatorial Election Polls for 2006. The new polling sections include the ability to view individual polls in detail as well as summary pages comparing recent polls by state and by polling agency. The main page includes a compilation of the most recent three polls for each state and presents a map of the result showing the current status of who is ahead on a per-state basis as well as a table showing the current view of the pick-ups for each part. Also included is a trend graph illustrating the number of states ahead for each party starting in February of 2006.

2006 Election Predictions

The 2004 Presidential Predictions turned out to be a very popular Atlas site feature – with almost 2,000 unique entries (and over 12,000 total version entries). The compiled map showed the correct winner of every state – with the exception of Ohio – which missed being called by merely two Republican predictions (1,000 Democratic calls vs. 998 Republican).

For 2006, new prediction scripts and databases for the Gubernatorial and United States Senate races have been created. The predictions have been expanded to include independent candidates, show party “pick-ups”, and has more integration with the Atlas Forum.

Participate and Enjoy!

Expanded Content

Last week, the Atlas underwent an expansion, adding Gubernatorial and Senatorial election results and integrating these data with the Presidential returns. There was already a special section for Gubernatorial results for a number of years – however the feature set for these data was limited. The site expansion makes available the complete Gubernatorial results from 1998 through 2005, including all the features already available for the Presidential returns (map comparisons, party maps and data, image-mapped county maps with county and township summary pages, customizable data tables, etc.). In addition, the first complete year of Senatorial results – 2004 – is also included (many thanks to True Democrat for contributing the data). Using the frames version for navagation, a new menu appears in the top frame at the right – allowing the user to select which election to view. In the no-frames version, new navigation appears at the bottom to select a different office.

Further integration of the data is planned – such as side-by-side map comparisons between offices for a given year, possible mouse-over maps, data comparisons, etc. Please send suggestions. If you would like to contribute state-wide election data (perhaps even other offices), please send an email. The newly-included election results may be access in the frames version or the no-frames version.