Monthly Archives: August 2006

2004 Presidential Primary Updates

The section of the Atlas that includes primary returns for US President have been updated to include official results from Presidential Primaries in the 2004 Democratic contest (county maps, congressional district maps, and data). All caucus events and several primary events were run by the Democratic party and therefore these results are obtained from the respective state Democratic Party organizations (and not from official state election agencies). In some cases, these data are incomplete due to the inability to obtain final and complete data from the state parties. A complete spreadsheet of the data is available for purchase from the store page.

2006 Connecticut Senatorial Primary

The preliminary results of the 2006 Connecticut Senatorial Primary between incumbent Democrat Joseph Lieberman and challenger Ned Lamont are in. With 99.6% of the precincts having reported, Lamont defeats Lieberman 146,065 to 136,150 (51.8% to 48.2%). This is a more narrow margin than the more recent polls by Rasmussen and Quinnipiac University had predicted.The preliminary town results map (shown at right) shows the relative strenghts of each of the two Democratic candidates. Much of the state was relatively evenly split. Lieberman was strongest in the route 8 corridor – West Haven, Derby, Ansonia up through Naugatuck, Waterbury and Thomaston. Lamont’s strength was centered in the northwestern portion of the state (Litchfield County – with his strongest town Cornwall), the south near Lyme, the northeast near Mansfield, and Lamon’t hometown, Greenwich.