2000 Vote in Cities

One of the new topics in the forum this week included a request to view data for the 2000 Vote for President by city. Although I don’t have data for all the cities listed in the post, I have created a list of selected cities where I have data (these include states with official county subdivisions and precinct-level data that I have obtained). The list may be found here: http://www.uselectionatlas.org/USPRESIDENT/GENERAL/PE2000/pe2000cities.html

This list is not yet linked in from the main pages yet. If you know of additional data available for a city not listed, please let me know.

One thought on “2000 Vote in Cities

  1. Patience

    You ought to be able to include data from San Francisco, CA (city and county have the same boundaries); Denver, CO (ditto); New Orleans, LA (ditto); and Washington, DC.

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