Monthly Archives: July 2003

More corrections

Thanks to Dave (a different Dave) for pointing out the malfunctioning Bellwether page. I, from time to time, update the site and miss one of the links. Reporting site bugs is always appreciated. Also fixed 1984 mouse-over functionality.

1988 Data Spreadsheet Available

I have completed the massive data spreadsheet for the 1988 general election and have made it available through the store. The price is a little higher than the others due to the large amount of effort required to research and enter the data.


Thanks to all of you who took the time to fill out the site survey. I have removed the pop-up window (to many cheers, I’m sure). There are over 1500 entries and many good comments and suggestions. I have posted a quick tabulation of the results of the survey questions at :

I may also produce a county map showing the locations of the respondents.