California Recall

For those of you wondering whether I’ll add maps and results for the California recall, the answer is: How could I not? Such an election doesn’t happen every day (good thing too, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do anything else!) I started adding Gubernatorial election results starting in 2002. I plan to add pages for the special California recall election and will also cover the three Gubernatorial elections in November (both the 1999 and 2003 results).

2 thoughts on “California Recall

  1. J.S

    That’s very good news!
    If Davis goes down, will red be Bustamente, blue Schwarzanegger, a different shade of blue for Simon, Green for Camejo and pink for Flynt 😉
    I can’t remember any other candidates though…

  2. Izixs

    First off, great site.

    Second, I wonder how long it will be before thousands of confused Californians flock to your site with yoru brief little mention of doing a map for the recall?

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