Daily Archives: October 26, 2004

GIS User Spotlight

Award GIF Today, the Atlas, is featuerd as the GISuser Spotlight at GISuser.com. The description below can be seen at this link.

“A casual search on the Internet for Presidential election maps will turn up loads of “hits”, however. one resource not to be missed is Dave Leip’s Atlas of US Presidential Elections. The site is rich with data and results from past elections and offers some clever maps. Not to be missed are the 2004 confidence and prediction maps.

Dave Leip’s USelectionatlas.org is an interesting resource that was started as a paper hobby after the 1992 Presidential Election. Dave was 22 and attending graduate school at MIT at the time when he made a photocopy of a U.S. map (with county boundaries) from one of the libraries and filled in counties with colored pen according to the winner. This effort spawned the idea for the wesbite and it’s been going strong ever since.

The resource provides valuable election data pointers and information as well as some great historical information, useful weblinks, a weblog, and some great maps. Note, back in 2000 I actually bestowed Dave a site of the week award from a previous resource that I was running. Some very noteworthy stops on the site include the 2004 prediction map and the mock election where visitors can cast a vote. Also, Dave has posted a map showing the closing time of polls.. this could be very useful for the TV networks as you might recall back in 2000 when a major network screwed up and began airing results prior to polls closing in Florida!”