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Some Official Results are In

The 2004 official results are starting to come in. Eight states now have official results posted (ID, GA, LA, ND, SC, SD, VT, WY). The site data is being updated gradually as the results from more states become available. Precinct and Congressional District Results are also being added to the site for some of these states (available to full site members). A full tally of official results is expected by mid-December.

Election 2004 Data and Maps

Data and Maps have been uploaded to reflect the preliminary unofficial results of the 2004 Presidential Election. The site survived the massive traffic spike of the last two days – and although performance was slow from time-to-time, the site appeared to respond (at least the times I tried it). Site featurs will be re-enabled as traffic subsides. Thanks to everyone for the encouraging emails. Look soon for the county-level national map and the availability of the 2004 Election Data Spreadsheet.

Kim Komando Kool Site of the Day

Award Today, the Atlas, is featuerd as the Kim Komando’s Kool Site of the Day at this link. This is actually the first I have heard of her show/site. There isn’t a review of the Atlas there – just a link and follow-on text “Today is election day. If you’re like me, you’ll be anxious to see the returns. It looks as close as the 2000 election. All of the major news networks (ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, NBC, etc.) will have up-to-the-minute updates on returns. If the race is particularly close, we may not have an immediate answer. Whatever the outcome is, I hope you went to the polls and cast a vote!”

The First Votes are In

The first votes counted in the Presidential Election are those in Dixville Notch and Hart’s Location, NH. The results this year are as follows:

Bush Kerry Nader
Dixville Notch 19 7 0
Hart’s Location 16 14 1

From four years ago, Hart’s Location had Bush 17, Gore 13. Hart’s location voted Republican in 1996 as well, giving Dole 13, Clinton 12, Perot 4, and Browne 2. Perot won Hart’s Location in 1992 with 15 votes to Bush Sr. 9 to Clinton 6.

In Dixville Notch in 2000, Bush received 21 votes, Gore 5, and Nader 1. In 1996, it voted for Bob Dole with 18 votes to Clinton’s 8. Perot’s and Browne each received 1. In 1992, Bush Sr. received 15 votes, Perot 8, Marrou (Libertarian) 5, and Clinton placed fourth with 2 votes.


I performed my civic duty this morning, casting my ballot at my local precinct. In a non-battleground state, at 7:30 in the morning, the line was only about six people long, with perhaps 20 voters in the actual room. We use AccuVote optical scanning machines that read paper ballots in which voters fill out ovals. In my opinion, this is a good system – they are relatively accurate and the method has preserves a paper trail in the event that there is a machine malfunction or some other desire for a recount.

The ballot itself did not have many offices up for election – and most of those that were did not have competition. There was only one candidate for each Sheriff, Representative in General Court, and Councillor (all Democrats). Our Representative in Congress, Barney Frank (D-MA), did not have a Republican opponent, although there is one Unenrolled (i.e. MA term for Independent) candidate also for Representative in Congress representing the fourth district.