5 thoughts on “County Map 2004

  1. Gnomon

    Thanks for the fabulous job you’ve done on this site and this election! This is certainly where I’ve gone for information, especially for historical comparisons, etc. And your latest map is fantastic! Thanks again.


  2. Patience

    It’s amazing you’re able to get that together so quickly. I would love to see a map showing which counties flipped from Gore to Bush and from Bush to Kerry (hint, hint).

  3. brian

    I saw the comments on red and blue coloring on the front page today. Dave, Don’t ever give in to the politically correct Dem-blue Rep-red color scheme some are pushing.

    I like the way is it right now and don’t want any silly color changes.

  4. GySgt Philip L. Fowler, USMC (Retired)


    I noticed: only Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Hawaii went solidly for Senator Kerry; and Oklahoma, Utah, and Alaska were the only solid states for President Bush. Oddly enough, Nebraska is supposedly the most conservative state, and Connecticut, the most liberal, yet they weren’t solids. Any comments?

    Great job, by the way.

    Semper fi,


  5. John

    Took a look at Nebraska: the only Kerry county was Thurston, where the population is about 50% Native American. Thurston has went Democratic in 88, 96, and 00 also (in ’92 Bush 1 won with under 40%).

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