VoteToday is Election Day 2008! If you haven’t already done so, be sure to get to the polls and cast your ballot! Myself, having moved yet again, find myself in my fifth different voting precinct in the City of Newton – now in W3P2 (FYI, I’ve been in W2P1, W1P1, W2P2, W7P2, and now in W3P3). Once again, the ballots are optical scan ovals (I prefer this balloting technology – paper trail with fast computer high-accuracy scanning). The precinct location is at the Peirce Elementary School – with all the action I have come to expect – the place is active with the children attending class, the bake sale, and the citizens packing into the gymnasium to vote. There were more people in line this year relative to my past experience (Massachusetts, not being a swing state, doesn’t usually attract quite the crowds that are reported in states that are more competitive). Voting went off without a hitch. So, make your way to the polls!