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Minnesota 2012 President By City and Town

City and Town Map of Minnesota - 2012 General Eleciton

2012 General Election Results – Minnesota

The 2012 Presidential Election Results map for Minnesota by county subdivision (City, Township, UT) is now complete.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan won a total of 1,864 cities and townships while Barack Obama and Joe Biden won in 825 (37 were ties).  This is a pickup for the Republican ticket vs. 2008, of 200 cities and towns.  Similar to many other states, the municipalities with the largest populations voted overwhelmingly Democratic, with Obama/Biden winning nine of the top ten (Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester, Bloomington, Duluth, Plymouth, Eagan, Brooklyn Park, and Woodbury; Romney won Maple Grove) with a net margin of 258,206 votes.  The state-wide margin of all 2,726 cities and townships is Democratic +225,942 votes.   In the city of Minneapolis alone, Obama/Biden won 80.3% to 16.6%, a margin of 136,920 votes.  Full details can be viewed on the Minnesota 2012 Town page.  The forum topic is located here.