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Lake County, TN Votes Double-Counted in 2004 General Election

A second example of double-counted votes was discovered this week – this time its Lake County, TN in the 2004 General Election. This discovery is an outcome of viewing the new statistics tables described in the previous entry. When examining the table for top percentage change in total votes Tennessee County Map Highlighting Lake County cast for President relative to the previous election, Lake County, Tennessee popped up as #3 on the increasing column with 113.13% in 2004 followed by a precipitous decrease of 52.78% in 2008 – a sign of a high-probability error.  Official results obtained by the Lake County Election Commission confirms the correct data as follows:

As Reported from the Lake County Election Commission
Presidential Candidate Vice Presidential Candidate Political Party Popular Vote
John Kerry John Edwards Democratic 1,317 55.6%
George W. Bush Richard Cheney Republican 1,039 43.8%
Ralph Nader Peter Camejo Independent 8 0.3%
Michael Peroutka Charles Baldwin Independent 5 0.2%
Michael Badnarik Richard Campagna Independent 1 0.0%

The figures in the table are all exactly one half those reported by the Tennessee Secretary of State in the November 2, 2004 Election Results.  The correct data from the Lake County Election Commission have been updated on the Atlas.