New York City Adds 6,436 more 2012 General Election Votes for President

New York County Map Highlighting Kings CountyOn July 2, 2013, the New York City Board of Elections printed a new “Statement and Return Report for Certification General Election – 11/06/2012” for Kings County (also known as Brooklyn Borough), adding a total of 6,470 ballots to the 2012 General Election tally, including 6,436 valid ballots cast for Presidential Candidates (34 ballots were under votes or over votes – referred to in New York as blanks or voids respectively).

Candidate New Votes %New Votes
Obama 5,497 85.42%
Romney 862 13.40%
Stein 46 0.71%
Johnson 27 0.42%
Lindsay 2 0.03%
Goode 1 0.02%
Ron Paul 1 0.02%

The new votes break down as shown in the table at left (figures for Obama reflect the fusion of Democratic and Working Families party ballot lines and Romney votes reflect the fusion of Republican and Conservative party ballot lines). This amended certification on 07/02/2013 follows previous certifications on 12/31/2012 and 3/19/2013. These latest figures have been incorporated into the Atlas (link to New York 2012 Presidential Summary Page. Thanks to @DKElections for the tip on amended results.