New York 2012 Township Map

New York 2012 Township MapAt right is a thumbnail of the 2012 New York Presidential Election results map by county subdivision (click on map for large version).  The 2012 map is very similar to the 2008 New York map.  Of the 997 cities and towns, 926 of them were won by the same party in both 2008 and 2012.  President Obama had 32 pickups, with 40% of these in four Central New York counties (four towns in Oswego, three towns in each Cayuga, Cortland, and Seneca).  The largest pickup is Richmond County (Staten Island Borough), changing from a Republican 4% margin in 2008 to Democratic 2.6% margin – a swing of 10,709 votes, or 6.6%.  Mitt Romney had 39 pickups and were concentrated in Western New York and Southeastern New York (four in each Chautauqua, Dutchess, and Westchester with three in each Otsego and Orange).  His largest pickup is Huntington in Suffolk County (total vote of 91,971), with a swing of 6,866 or 7%. In total, Romney won 631 cities and towns vs. Obama’s 365 (one is a tie).  However, for the most populous cities and towns (those with greater than 10,000 ballots cast), Obama wins 73 to Romney’s 24, including all five New York City boroughs that alone had a combined margin of 1,553,717 votes.  Note that this map requires significant effort to compile as all data by town must be compiled from precinct reports obtained from each individual county board of elections.